Tuesday, August 28th

Sharon’s surprised Phyllis is at CL’s for coffee this evening instead of enjoying martinis at home with Billy. She’s been trying to reach Summer to discuss wedding plans. Phyllis informs that she’s on vacation – incommunicado. We needed a vacation from each other.

Colliding with Vikki on the rooftop, Rey knows who she is and met her parents the other day. Agreeing that they’re nice people, she hurries off – leaving Rey to look at a photo he took of Vikki (on his phone)

When Abby stops by Devon’s, Nate leaves her to ask if he wants Lily to be given leniency or a harsh sentence. He’s on his way to the hearing now – on behalf of his wife and child.

Late meeting her parents in the club’s dining room, Vikki’s scolded by her Father for being late and explains that she had an important meeting. Excusing herself to take a call (and put out another fire) she hopes that’s OK with her Dad. What’s wrong with her? Victor asks Nikki.

Not buying Nikki’s excuse, Victor points out that Vikki’s been balancing work and Motherhood for years. You don’t realize how hard she’s working to get NE back on track, Nikki adds. She’s like me – she enjoys a challenge, Victor goes over to fix this (by going over to apologize to Vikki – he appreciates how much more she’s done for NE than Nick ever did) Victor asks Vikki to stay for dinner. And as he makes a call to Abby (to join them) Vikki rejoins her Mom for another tense chat. If you really want to help, back off (Vikki marches off)

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At the penthouse, Abby doesn’t like what Devon wrote to say to the Judge. She thinks it too harsh – he thinks it not harsh enough. Punishing Lily won’t bring Hilary back. Do you want to lose Lily and maybe the twins? Don’t push them away, Abby protests. Devon wishes everyone would stop telling him how to feel. When Victor calls to invite her to dinner, Abby reluctantly agrees (and fails yet again to get Devon to back off on punishing Lily)

Phyllis tells Sharon to leave a message for Summer on the landline – but don’t leave any for me or Billy; we moved out. Wow – that’s…. Long overdue? Sharon thinks it’ll be nice for Phyllis and Billy to have some privacy. Not at the Abbott house, Phyllis thinks it a bit weird (since she lived there when married to Jack) Sharon’s still reeling from Nick impersonating JT – then shocked to hear that Nick was the one who told her that (not Vikki) Why would Nick confide that in you????

Sharon won’t let it go – Nick told you something secret that could get him arrested. Why were you two together anyway? We share a troubled daughter, Phyllis reminds. Nick wanted to reassure me that JT wasn’t out there. When did this happen? And why didn’t Nick tell me that he confided in you? Yes, you’re blowing this out of proportion, Phyllis agrees and raises a bigger problem – Vikki’s not dealing well, it’s just a matter of time before she cracks.