Friday, August 31st

Birds chirp and Cane and Lily are wide awake and spooning in bed. We have decisions to make about the house, the kids, the bills, Lily worries. Cane’s got everything under control ~kiss~

Nate crosses the hall to see Devon. He’s not here, Shawna explains that he left a note saying he had to go out (but didn’t say where)

Cane and Lily make out in bed.

Having changed out of her robe, Shawna’s dressed for court and whining to Nate that it’s all her fault for running off that day. Don’t blame yourself – we can’t see the future or change the past – all we can do is accept and move forward, Nate provides a shoulder for the ‘scared’ Shawna to lean on.

Mike joins Chris in the otherwise empty courtroom they’re about to face off in. No, Chris hasn’t reconsidered Lily’s sentence (she and Devon are both good people) Yes, and Mike looks forward to the challenge of persuading the Judge that Lily deserves leniency.

Lily and Cane continue to cuddle and comfort one another. It’ll be OK, Cane reassures.

In the kitchen, Mattie’s impressed that Charlie’s made breakfast. More pessimistic than her brother, she worries that this could be their family’s last breakfast together for decades.

Shawna worries her victim impact statement might put Lily in prison (which won’t bring Hilary back) No one blames you – follow your gut, Nate advises. When Devon comes home, Shawna leaves Nate to inform him that Neil got a call at 4 am. Sophia’s in the hospital – he’s gone to be with her and wants you to focus on the hearing.

Also now dressed for court, Cane and Lily are touched that the kids have made breakfast; waffles and freshly squeezed OJ. Mattie fed Sam and put him down for a nap. Lily will say goodbye to him before she leaves.

Nate denies he was trying to influence Shawna to not give her statement today. He was trying to make her feel better (like he’s been trying to do with everyone else) That said, Nate does think that the grief-stricken Devon should consider the consequences of what he tells the Judge. Are you OK with sending your sister to prison?