Monday, September 3rd

Lily and Mike stand at the Judge’s instruction. It’s the court’s duty to deliver justice for the victims. After careful deliberation I sentence you to …. I can’t let this happen, Devon springs up to surprise all.

Sharon’s brought Mariah downstairs to quietly make a case for kicking Tessa out. She has no money, job or apartment – she came back to be with me – ME, Mariah seems surprised. Sharon’s not – anyone would move mountains to be with you. Her ears perk up when Mariah accidentally mentions that Tessa came back to GC at risk to herself. As Sharon becomes more insistent (and loud) that Tessa stay elsewhere, the subject of the heated discussion appears.

Chris apologizes for Mr Hamilton’s outburst. Mike thinks he should be heard. Agreeing, the Judge allows Devon to express how hard it was for him to write his statement. He was blinded by his need for justice but now can’t punish the defendant; his sister. Lily’s in great pain too – let that be enough.

Ignoring the argument she interrupted and announcing that she’s leaving today, Tessa thanks Sharon for letting her stay the night. Mariah doesn’t see why Tessa didn’t ‘expect to move in’ – you have nowhere else to go. After Sharon escapes to work, Tessa assures Mariah that she came back to be with her and won’t leave again. She’ll find some way to pay off her debt (and a job and place to live)

The Judge sternly scolds Devon for wasting the court’s time – I could hold you in contempt. Devon now realizes that Lily shouldn’t go to prison for her fatal mistake. He’d like to be free to mourn his wife. There will be no freedom if he’s responsible for sending his sister to prison for 20 years. When the Judge returns to his chambers to reconsider his sentence, Chris scowls at Devon (she too believes he was influenced by his family) Across the room, Lily’s touched by Devon’s words (even if they fail to sway the Judge)

As all wait, Shawna and Charlie chat and Nate gives Devon credit for doing the right thing. Lily then comes over to thank Devon. She understands that he can’t forgive her and will accept however he feels towards her. I’ll never stop loving you or trying to make amends. I can’t be here! Devon runs out – Cane being the one to follow him.

I came back here to be with you but my life is still complicated, Tessa wonders if it’s too much – does Mariah want to take a step back? If you have any doubts … Mariah doesn’t (and blames her past for not being able to put her heart out there before) Tessa might not have a job or place to live – but I have you. Suddenly getting an idea, Mariah drags her out by the hand.

Charlie goes to stretch his legs and quiz Mike about what the Judge might decide – did I make things worse by not telling anyone what I saw? It’s impossible to say, Mike finally puts his phone away to say reassuringly. Lily and Mattie appreciate Devon’s words and hope the Judge considers them.