Tuesday, September 4th

Lily’s dressed in blue and looking blue in her cell.

At home, Cane sits in the kitchen – hearing but not really hearing the twins argue.

Surprised to find Devon at work, Mariah learns that he spoke out on Lily’s behalf – she’s started serving her 13-month sentence at Walworth. She’ll be out before you know it – you saved her years of misery, Mariah will work from home today so Devon can mope.

Summer slams her way into her apartment ranting and raving – to no one. She reads a note from her Mom announcing that she and Billy moved out.

At her new home, the Abbott mansion, Phyllis comes downstairs to warn a bare-chested Kyle that Summer will be home (and more likely on the warpath than doing any self-reflection) Phyllis JR has no idea what Momma’s capable of, she boasts.

Behind the counter, Tessa’s making a mess of things when Mariah comes to assure the waiting customers that their orders will be filled soon.

Cane’s business as usual as he gets the kids off to school – we’re still a family. Yes, things are different, he tries (but fails) to remain upbeat. No whipped cream – Mom always buys the whipped cream 🙁

Phyllis wonders if Kyle’s working from home because he’s scared of Summer or conspiring with Ashley against Billy. Joking about paranoia and conspiracy theories, Kyle’s home to watch a matinee – with Dina (who enters babbling about watching On The Waterfront (again) Marlon’s so dreamy) Whispering, Kyle and Phyllis debate whether Dina’s suffering (he thinks she seems happy enough) You’re a piranha with good hair, Phyllis is grudgingly impressed (but wishes Kyle’s kindness extended to Billy) Kyle then answers the door to tell Summer that she looks sun-kissed, She marches in to confront her Mom (but shuts up because of Dina)

Nate’s the next person to drop by HWG to tell Devon not to blame himself for Lily going to prison. Be proud. Will you visit her? he persists despite Devon’s irritation.

With ice cream on their waffles in place of whipped cream, Cane encourages Charlie to go to school – keep moving forward. That’s what Mom wants, Mattie chimes in. This is a twin thing, she tells her Dad (who then goes to tend to a crying Sam) Claiming that the guys are picking him up, Charlie sends Mattie ahead to school. He’s lying.

Kyle gushes over Dina then tells Phyllis and Summer to take it outside. Ignoring him (as Dina listens with interest) Summer and Phyllis argue about Billy. Did you think there’d be no consequences? Phyllis is surprised. Time to go show off that suntan at the office, Kyle tries again. Summer not so subtly brings up her Mom’s cheating.

Seated on her bunk, a crying Lily flips through some photos.

Helping Tessa organize for the next ‘rush’, Mariah offers her life savings towards paying off Tessa’s debt. Refusing, Tessa has other options – then excuses herself to wait on Charlie. She’s suspicious upon hearing that there’s no school due to a teacher’s conference. This early?

Summer loves her Dad and the cheques he writes her. Call Billy, Phyllis challenges – break Nick’s heart and destroy his family. As they argue about whether Billy’s interested in Summer, Phyllis is reminded that she had to trick Danny into marrying her (by getting pregnant) Stay away from Billy, Phyllis warns the ‘nasty little piece of work’. When Dina whimpers ‘make them stop’, Kyle all but drags Summer to (and out) the front door.

Nate continues to badger Devon (who stands by defending lily but doesn’t forgive or want to visit her) We’re done as brother and sister, he insists.