Thursday, September 6th

Abby welcomes Jack (and his luggage) ‘home’ to update that Billy and Phyllis are out of town; Dina’s upstairs napping. Yes, it’ll be weird for Jack to live with his ex and brother but this is where he belongs.

In their Vegas suite, Billy reads his official invite to the hotel/casino’s big poker tournament aloud. Phyllis claims to be happy to be sharing this part if his life but doesn’t look it as they hug.

Billy’s excited to be playing against some of the best in the world – he could win big. Or lose, Phyllis cautions him not to be overconfident. She wouldn’t be anywhere else and has done some research on Billy’s opponents. Reading his email, he’s up for the challenge. Phyllis supports Billy – even if he wants to drop out. Billy’s look says ‘what!?’

At home, Cane’s left a message with the school giving the twins time off school so they can all go visit Lily. When Mattie goes to get ready, Charlie worries about what he’ll say to his Mom. Cane reassures with false confidence.

Jack comments that Abby was never respected by her Dad at NE then asks about Arturo. Nick’s back but he stayed behind to ‘finish up a few things’ – Abby suspects Arturo’s avoiding his brother – there’s a story there. Jack knows all about the complexities of brotherly relationships.

As Phyllis unpacks, Billy suspects that she doesn’t want him to play in the tournament. Changing the subject, Phyllis wishes she hadn’t gone on Billy’s computer to lure Summer to the yacht. Billy wants to move on – no more lies; all our cards are on the table. Phyllis looks burdened by the secret she’s keeping.

Abby mopes over Dina’s decline – she’s changed so much. It must be so hard for Jack, Ashley and Traci. Jack reflects on the beautiful to-be-reckoned with woman his Mother once was. He’s sad for her and that he may never know who his biological Father is. When Abby suggests cross-checking the ledgers from the Stardust Inn and the club, Jack declares it a brilliant idea ~hug~

Beating Phyllis at poker (played on their bed) Billy’s getting frisky when Sinead drops by the suite to introduce herself as the one who won the yacht and got Billy into this tournament. What’s in it for you? Phyllis is immediately suspicious.

Sinead admires the ‘nice digs’ and is again asked why she’s so eager to help Billy. You think I’m after your man, Sinead realizes and admits she has an agenda – she wants to win the boat back (and beat ‘Bill’) See you downstairs – nice meeting you Phil. It’s Phyllis. Now alone, Phyllis expresses her distrust for ‘that woman’.

In a visiting room, Lily hugs Cane and the kids. All seated, she claims to be fine and asks how Sam is – then Cane’s work and the twins first day of school. Mattie gives a positive update; Charlie’s glum. Lily has an idea – make a documentary of what I miss while I’m in here.

Jack listens to Ashley as she chats with Neil on the phone. Sophia’s stable – he’s a good friend, she reports. OK, we’re dating, she admits – we’re taking it slow. Jack thinks that ‘cool’ and has one other thing to discuss.