Friday, September 7th

Jack stops by Nikki’s table as she reads a fancy gold on black invitation to ‘the most exclusive event in town’ (the launch of Dark Horse) Does the CEO’s Mother get a plus one? she quips. Yes, as long as it doesn’t violate the strict ‘no mustache policy’; Victor won’t be able to sabotage Nick’s big night.

Billy and Phyllis are enjoying fine dining in bed. As much as she’s savoured this Vegas experience, she’s eager to return to GC. Billy, not so much.

Sharon praises Tessa for being a quick study. She appreciates the paycheck and asks for an advance. On your first week? On my first few months (Tessa feels bad for asking but spent all she had on an apartment) Declining the advance, Sharon makes faces after she sends Tessa over to wait on Rey.

Seated with Nikki, Jack assures that Nick’s motives have nothing to do with Victor. She agrees there’d be trouble if Victor showed up to the launch. When Jack exits saying ‘see you tonight’, Victor asks Nikki what he’s gloating about.

Billy makes a case for spending the day in Vegas. Fenmore’s will survive one more day without Phyllis. This is who we are – unpredictable ~kiss~

Back at the club, Victor suspects that Nick’s abandoned his charity work with Nikki to work on his doomed venture, Dark Horse.

Tessa gives Charlie a refill and some encouragement on the situation with his Mom. No, she won’t tell anyone he’s ditching school ~hug~ She then gives Rey his free refill. Asked about Sharon and Phyllis, she comments that they aren’t friends but work on charity stuff together. Listening, Sharon makes her entrance to greet Rey. No, Nick’s not here. When Tessa blabs about the Dark Horse launch, Rey leaves Sharon to ask her new hire what she’s told him.

Shawn helps Devon find his keys and briefcase. Supporting one another, they then discuss Lily. Devon’s not sure when he’ll visit his sister in Walworth. After he gets on the elevator, Charlie comes up from the staircase. You can’t be here, Shawn says when she opens the door.

Lauren stops by the house to gripe to Jack about Phyllis still being away with Billy (who she seems more upset with) She’s also very concerned about the power struggle Billy’s engaged in with Ashley. Jabot could be in trouble no matter which Abbott’s running it.

Billy’s so glad Phyllis is her in Vegas with him – to see that he can control his gambling. You were pretty amazing this weekend, she admits. Billy’s confident that it’ll never be all or nothing for him ever again. He’s on a winning streak thanks to Phyllis ~kiss~

Sharon asks Tessa to be cautious around the debt collector who’s searching for JT. Tessa’s sorry and offers to sign an NDA, like she did at HWG. Sharon agrees to give her an advance in exchange for her discretion. Mariah then arrives. Updated, she’s not surprised that Sharon was so generous – but she is surprised that Tessa’s not worried about the scary people from Canada.