Wednesday, September 5th

Nick comes home from his business trip to find the house empty – except for Sharon posing on the staircase in her bra and panties – welcome home. Up to bed they magically transport.

At the Abbott home, Abby’s thrilled that Arturo’s coming home. Phyllis is excited about new love. Especially when you’re cheating, Ashley snarks.

Billy sends a text – can you still get me a seat at the poker table? Summer enters the office to note that Billy’s disoriented – and avoiding her.

At the club with his Dad, Kyle takes responsibility for Phyllis losing Dina. Jack can’t be mad considering how devoted Kyle’s been to Dina. No harm – this time. Kyle agrees it’s messy being in the middle of Billy and Ashley. You’ll always have me, Jack ‘promises’.

When Ashley comments on Phyllis losing Dina, Abby defends her and is sure it won’t happen again. After Abby leaves, Ashley and Phyllis continue to butt heads (mostly over Billy being CEO)

Nothing was going to happen – Billy had no intention of cheating on Phyllis. Throwing yourself at me isn’t turning me on. Billy wouldn’t risk everything to be with Summer. You’re using me to hurt your Mother; the woman I’m in love with. It’s sad and desperate. Get back to work or else. Unconcerned with Billy’s veiled threat Summer exits him to huff over a text from Sinead – he missed the deadline to enter the game.

Nick and Sharon arrive at CL’s holding hands and prattling on about Sharon passing her classes with flying colours. After the Dark Horse launch, Nick will throw Sharon a party – in their new home. A home away from Victor; a change. Nick will call the realtor and they’ll check out some houses after work. On the patio, Abby’s pleased to hear that Arturo ‘crushed it’ on the trip (but is bummed that he’s still out of town on business) When Rey comes over to shake Nick’s hand, Abby’s confused – you two know each other?

Jack’s grateful that Dina might not remember getting lost. And when she toddles in looking for Piper, lies – he’s outside chasing squirrels. Ashley comments that Jack’s good with Dina but doesn’t look happy when he considers moving back in.

Jack considers putting his matters aside to be with his Mother. Yes, he can handle living with Billy and Phyllis. Ashley’s not so sure. Jack seems to have made his mind up on calling this place ‘home’.

In his office, Billy updates Phyllis that he set Summer straight. When his phone goes off, Phyllis wonders if Summer’s testing her new boundaries. Ignoring his phone, Billy doesn’t know or care who it is. Left alone, Phyllis seems to care.

Rey and Nick bicker over football/soccer and are arranging to go to a match in Chicago when Sharon appears to wonder if she’s invited too. I did cook you dinner, she reminds. How did that come about? Abby’s curious.

Sharon made meatloaf for Rey because he fixed her plumbing. Mariah was there too, she adds. Nick’s surprised when Abby announces that he’s Arturo’s brother. Getting an alert that his meeting has been cancelled, Nick takes Sharon off to see homes. That leaves Abby to say she’s not finished with Rey.

Dina sits to show Jack and Ashley her scrapbook. Here’s John; he owns his own company. These are my children; Ashley, Jack and…. the youngest one. John and I have been married for over 50 years. We’re still in love. I have the most perfect life and family. Jack and Ashley look heartbroken as Dina trails off and leaves the room. She only remembers a life none of us had, Jack’s frustrated.

Sitting on a park bench, Billy asks, no badgers Sinead to get him into the poker game. Afraid of competition? That’s what the pros will think. Handed an envelope of money, Sinead will try – no promises.

Abby closes the door to the patio and, arms folded, confronts Rey on posing as this great guy – and wonders if he’s the reason Arturo’s staying out of town. This isn’t sibling rivalry – what’s really going on?

Billy’s just about to leave with Phyllis to have drinks on the rooftop when Sinead sends him a text – you’re in – first game at noon tomorrow in Vegas. Lying that he has a problem with a Jabotique in Arizona, Billy needs to leave town. It’s not a good idea for Phyllis to come – he’ll be too busy putting out fires. As Billy leaves to make travel plans, Phyllis frowns.

On the rooftop, Sinead tells Kyle all about how she played Billy – he paid to get into the game. You need to keep Billy shelling out the big bucks, Kyle instructs. No one can know about our arrangement – ever. Summer arrives in the background.

Nick returns home raving to Sharon about a house they just saw. Faith can move her pony there. It has 8 bedrooms. Sharon found it intimidating, cold and impersonal – the place echoed. It won’t when it’s filled with kids and dogs. Yes, plural. It’s only a move across town – what’s changed? Nick wonders. You, Sharon replies.

It’s all for a good cause, Kyle won’t give Sinead details on why he taking Billy down. He then joins Summer. Having lost the bet, she’s ready to ‘hook up’.

Phyllis returns to Billy’s office to hear he’s booked his flight and hotel. No time for drinks – he has to fly out at midnight. Can I drive you to the airport? Phyllis pleads. I can’t do this – Billy confesses that he’s not going to Arizona.

Sharon worries that Dark Horse will live up to it’s name. Is this (and the move) about you or Victor? She doesn’t want to give up her cozy home to make a statement to her Father In Law. Nick rewards Sharon’s honesty with a kiss and admits he did some shady things to get Dark Horse off the ground. That’s over. Sharon explains why she invited Rey to dinner (he’s investigating charges you made on JT’s credit card) So no, it’s not over.

Rey doesn’t think his private family issues are none of Abby’s business. Talk to your boyfriend. Maybe he’s not back because he still has work to wrap up. You’re thinking with your heart and might get hurt. Rey would hate to see that happen.

Back on the rooftop, Summer is indeed giving up on Billy – he’s being a good boy. You win. Let’s get this over with shall we. Kyle doesn’t want to rush it – he prefers to savour his victory. Summer agrees to make a night of it – to the victor go the spoils. You’ll enjoy every moment, she promises.

Billy tells Phyllis about the big poker game in Vegas – his chance to prove that he can compete with the best. His lies eating him alive, Billy won’t hide his gambling anymore. He feels alive playing poker. It’s skill, math, intuition – knowing when someone’s bluffing etc. I need to know how good I am. Reminding Phyllis of their wild weekend in New Orleans, Billy assures that this won’t initiate a downward spiral. Can you come on this ride with me? Phyllis’ mouth is contorted.

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