Friday, September 7th

Victor spots the ‘too familiar’ Rey at the club’s bar and summons him over to see what’s going on with him. Join us, Nikki echoes. Rey takes a seat to admit that he wasn’t upfront before – I’m a debt collector. Victor thinks that must be satisfying work.

Mariah worries that Tessa’s on someone’s hit list. I’ll find my way out of this, the ‘resourceful gal’ is sure. When Mariah asks about Tessa asking Devon for a loan, Tessa realizes he doesn’t believe her story and doesn’t think Mariah should either.

Charlie won’t stay long – can we talk? Not wanting to break Devon’s rules, Shawna has to get to school. Informing that he’s not going to school, Charlie’s not happy to hear that his Uncle has no plans to visit his Mom. And Devon’s not happy when he returns home for something he forgot.

Still in bed, Phyllis can’t dodge Lauren anymore so takes her call. Blaming the weather, she’ll be home tonight. Thanks for understanding. Yes, she bought it, Phyllis tells Billy. No, Lauren’s not buying it – at all (and knows her ‘right hand’ is with Billy) Asking about Jack’s old photo, she hears that his Father is among the men. That’s my Father! she yelps. Could it be??? Jack wonders. It better not be, Lauren looks horrified at the thought that her former lover might be her half-brother.

Charlie takes the blame – Shawna asked me to go. He’s really messed up, Shawna bleats. Sending her off to school, Devon hears that Charlie can’t eat or sleep – he’ll suffer along with his Mom (as he should – ‘it’s all my fault’) Devon gives his nephew a hug.

Now out of bed, Billy tries to get Phyllis to be more like him – roll the dice. He finds a Benjamin on the floor. We’re one helluva team. Off comes Phyllis’ robe ~kiss~

Victor doesn’t think Rey’s much like his brother. I raised my younger siblings, he explains why Arturo dislikes him. Nick seems driven – are you going to the Dark Horse launch party tomorrow? Rey wonders. Nikki pretends to be surprised. Rey’s sure Nick wants his parents there (even if he didn’t invite them) You must be proud of your son. Our family is more complex than it appears to an outsider, Victor seems to put Rey in his place.

We are NOT siblings! Lauren hopes Jack’s not trying to get his hands on Fenmore’s the way Jill did. She’s all for eliminating the possibility by taking a DNA test. In fact, she’s not leaving Jack’s side until it’s proven that both she and Jill didn’t sleep with their half-brother.

Charlie shares his guilt – Devon could blame himself too and doesn’t want to visit Lily. You still blame her, Charlie NEEDS to talk about it. Devon can’t forget his loss. Charlie agrees to go to school if Devon visits Lily.

At CL’s still, Tessa regrets going to Devon for money but it would have been so easy for him (instead he caused trouble between us) I chose you, she reminds. Mariah chose Tessa too – we’ll figure it out together. When Tessa goes to make a delivery, Mariah tells Sharon that she needs money. I gave her a month’s advance, Sharon smiles. Tessa needs a lot more than that, Mariah reports.

On her phone, Lauren inputs her Dad’s blood type and Dina’s (which doesn’t sound scientific to Jack) She’s relieved to learn that two Type A’s can’t have a Type A (which Jack is) She’s thrilled – Jack seems disappointed by another dead end. But wait, Lauren recognizes another man in the photo.

Billy and Phyllis are now sitting on the floor. Billy’s exhilarated to be with someone who inspires him ~kiss~ It’s a gift he’ll give back to Phyllis. He’ll always allow her to shine bright (while other men tried to dim her) He then gets a text from the ‘poker tournament people’ – they want me back next weekend. He’s excited; Phyllis not so much.

Yes, Lauren’s sure the man in Jack’s photo is Stewart Brooks. How many of HIS daughters did you sleep with? Just Peggy, Jack replies. Lauren points to one man she doesn’t recognize at all. Jack uses a magnifying glass and wonders how this man was connected to his Mother.

On the patio, Mariah explains that Tessa’s being extorted. Sharon wants to believe the story but why not go to the police? Tessa could get in trouble for smuggling Crystal into Canada. Tessa’s lied and hurt people, Sharon asks Mariah to take a critical look. Mariah wants to believe Tessa but wonders if she came back to be with her – or for money.

Rey bids the Newmans a good evening and thanks them for the company. He seems agreeable enough, Victor decides. Nikki’s not sold – he seemed inquisitive about Nick. Something about the guy bothers her (though Victor trusts him more than Arturo) Near the revolving door, Rey’s on his phone to say that he’s making his move – tomorrow.

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