Monday, September 10th

Dressed to impress, Nick meanders around the fancy Dark Horse headquarters. Sharon arrives – impressive. No, she doesn’t doubt Nick but isn’t sure she recognizes him.

At CL’s, Rey assumes Sharon’s not there because she’s at the Dark Horse launch party. I guess, Tessa shrugs and goes to clear tables. Encountering Arturo, Rey tells his ‘bro’ that he can’t avoid him forever.

Kyle’s lounging around at home on the phone with Summer – he’s booked a room for the night and will see her at Nick’s launch party. Tonight’s the night, Summer agrees and frowns as she hangs up.

Kyle tells his Dad that he’ll be there for his big night tonight and hears that Neil Fenmore has been ruled out as his bio-Dad. When Dina joins them, Jack hands over the picture and asks her who ‘that man’ is.

Nick hasn’t changed. Sharon disagrees – she sees an intensity she finds disconcerting but is proud of the man he’s become. Nick asks her to come to the party – he’ll give her the life she deserves.

Arriving at CL’s, Mariah ignores Tessa’s comment that she’s all ‘dolled up’ like a movie star. Looking for Sharon, she doesn’t have time to talk so takes a seat to do some work.

On the patio, Arturo tells his brother that he’s dating a great girl and doesn’t need Rey in his life. Abby would have second thoughts if she knew what you did, Rey asks about his sister. Arturo will let her know he’s in town – she can decide if she wants to see you.

Approaching Mariah’s table, Tessa asks what’s bothering her. Are you using me? Mariah asks bluntly.

Dina’s irritated – why is ‘this man’ asking her about a photo she knows nothing about. After Kyle escorts his grandmother out, Abby comes down to offer to post the photo online – maybe one of her followers will recognize the mystery man. Jack appreciates the good idea. Both look forward to tonight’s party going as planned.

Arturo admires Dark Horse. Nick gives him credit and offers him a full-time job as head of construction. Arturo’s flattered but needs to think about it.

At NE, Vikki and Nikki discuss Rey – he really hit it off with Nick. Nikki pretended not to know about Nick’s party so can’t go (unwilling to lie to Victor – who then arrives to give them both his blessing to attend Nick’s launch party)

Kyle comes down to report that Dina’s fine and upstairs with the nurse. He’s wistful and vague when talking to his Dad about ‘what if’.

Mariah seems skeptical of Tessa’s claim that she’s being extorted – there must be some proof. Tessa only has calls from a blocked number – why won’t you believe me? Mariah wants to but can’t (and leaves)

Arriving at Dark Horse, Abby hugs Arturo and chides him for not letting her know he’s back. Nick takes blame for that – he was hoping to announce tonight that Arturo’s his head of construction. Surprised to hear that Arturo didn’t accept the job, she asks for (and gets) privacy to ask him why not. Arturo blames his brother and isn’t happy to hear she questioned Rey. Stay away from him. Abby hopes Arturo won’t let Rey ruin this opportunity (on top of whatever else he’s done)