Wednesday, September 12th

Rey slides his way over to the bar, dragging the “free-coffee” sign over to Sharon. “Sorry, that offer ended early! $4.50” Now that the nice-guy act has been exposed, Sharon is passive towards Rey. “I work with cops at the crisis hotline, I understand the job. But you can’t be trusted, Rey.”

Victor talks more in-depth about his father. That man in the photo Abby found for Jack is Albert Miller, Abby’s grandfather and Victor’s father. To see his image after so many years of burying it in his mind, Victor can’t help but be deeply hurt. Nikki switches seats to be beside her husband now.. if that man in the photo is who we believe him to be, Jack and Victor are half-brothers.

Kyle and Summer sit in uncomfortable silence. Kyle breaks the silence justifying his feelings, but suddenly changes direction and decides to get up and go. Summer stops him to admit that she is still in love with him.

Mariah says her goodbyes to Sharon, Nick and Tessa. After she is gone, she asks Tessa if she can manage things while she leaves with Nick. “Absolutely, have fun.”

Paul calls Rey into his office to undermine his performance. It is then Paul learns of Nick’s status, flabbergasted by the setback in the investigation.

Lily asks about Devon, has anyone spoke to him? Charlie stays silent. Lily stands up in distress as her concern grows. As Cane stands up to comfort her, Devon surprises the family by showing up.

Maybe this new discovery will be good for you and Jack, Nikki suggests.

Kyle thinks it’s best the two of them forget this entire conversation ever happened. Summer is left confused as he leaves her without any explanations.

Cane and the children leave Devon and Lily to talk. Lily and Devon get real – prison is hell, stop pretending it isn’t so bad. On the bright side, all this free time has allowed Lily to conceptualize what Lily can do to make amends. She shares her idea to make a charity named after Hilary dedicated to helping women whose families have been affected by alcoholism. Devon admires her plan, and offers her a heartfelt apology. Grabbing her hands and giving her a long-awaited hug, Devon concludes that there is nothing to have to forgive her for because Lily didn’t do anything on purpose.

Victor wants to keep what he has shared a secret. Telling Jack wouldn’t heal anything, it would only be used against him. “Victor, that’s not for you to decide.”

“You went behind my back, to my wife, to authorize Nick’s immunity. I can’t believe it.” Rey defends his actions, “We had to act quickly, you were too busy. We are not out to get Nick, we’re out to get J.T.” Rey shares that he is certain that J.T was actually spotted the night of the women’s part at Victoria Newman’s house. This information came from Nick after he was granted his immunity.

Nick tells Sharon that he’s ok with Rey. After all, he was just doing his job, and we both benefited. Nick leaves to take a shower before the babysitter brings Christian home. Tessa phones Sharon and lets her know she’s going to clean the espresso machine while nobody’s around. On the other end of the line, Tessa’s tone changes as she becomes defensive. “Excuse me? What do you want?” Glasses can be heard breaking and Tessa begins to shout. Sharon calls for Tessa, but all that can be heard is screaming and crashing.