Tuesday, September 11th

Mariah brings food (that a pacing Sharon can’t eat) to the police station. She’s livid that Rey lied to, and used her. Nick was the one who used JT’s cards – maybe someone tipped him off, Mariah suggests. Who!? Sharon yelps. Me, Abby appears on cue to announce.

Nick holds up a placard with number 4 in the police line up. Behind one-way glass, a man tells Rey that number 4 is the one who hired him to hack into NE. Rey then comes out to update a pissy Nick that he has an eyewitness who counters his denial of any wrongdoing.

Awakening in the suite at the club, Summer finds herself alone in bed; Kyle nowhere to be seen.

At Jabot, Phyllis loves the stunning necklace Billy’s bought her. As long as we’re together, I can’t lose, he’s sure – then closes the blinds to kiss Phyllis.

In Paul’s office, Nick tells Rey that he hasn’t seen or heard from JT since he left town. Write that down in your little black book. Rey has security footage of JT destroying equipment at a Newman warehouse – and the witness/hacker has ID’d Nick as the man who hired him. You and JT are working together. Nick has nothing else to say until his lawyer gets there.

Abby had no idea Rey was a cop when she told him that JT wasn’t the one trying to bring down her Dad/NE. We all fell for Rey’s nice act, Sharon defends her. Mariah joins in as they brainstorm who ratted Nick out by process of elimination – until they’re left with Victor. You bastard – you told Rey what Nick did, Sharon snarls when Victor arrives at the police station (with a horrified Nikki in tow)

In Paul’s office, Britney sits beside Nick – what evidence does Rey have that her client was working with JT? Rey hits play to record the interview – did Mr Hellstrom ever give you a password for the NE database? Did you give him access to the warehouse where he was seen damaging property? Have you been in contact with JT since he left town in April? No – why the hell would I partner with that low life? Nick’s indignant. Rey knows it must be tough having Victor for a Father. You benefited while he and NE lost – that’s coincidence? Nick hates JT for what he did to his family – this is a waste of time. Is this the part you tell me I’m free to go?

Arriving at Jabot, Summer gets a text from Kyle (can we talk?) Enter Billy and Phyllis discussing the new fragrance she inspired; Forbidden. No, they haven’t seen Kyle. Let her go, Billy says as Summer stomps off. He doesn’t think Phyllis should feel bad for her daughter (which she clearly does)

In Billy’s office, Phyllis explains that she can see that Summer’s hurting – we’ve both made mistakes – she’s still my daughter. Summer came back to town broke and fresh off an affair with a married man, Phyllis is sympathetic – this isn’t her daughter’s first rebellious phase. Years ago, she, Nick and Sharon set Summer straight on the risks of underage drinking in a way that made her feel supported and loved. Taking a tougher stance, Billy understands but doesn’t want Phyllis to get hurt (or for this to cause problems between them) Getting a text regarding a race Philly’s to run in, he’s stoked to bet 5K on ‘our girl’. It’s a sure thing. Phyllis grudgingly goes along but doesn’t share Billy’s enthusiasm.

Summer orders an elaborate latte from Tessa then turns her nose up at it – I said ‘no whip’. Tessa scoops off the whipped cream and adds espresso shots. It’s still awful, Summer complains – and what would the owner say about your attitude? (even if you are dating her daughter; a relationship Summer supports by the way) Tessa suspects that Summer’s afraid to commit to a relationship.

Back at the station, Sharon continues to accuse Victor of being behind Nick’s ridiculous arrest re: JT. Nikki stands by her man but Abby and Vikki aren’t so sure. Mariah suggests that Rey might have evidence – maybe he’s a good cop. getting a text that her guest has canceled, Mariah needs to go. Having an idea, Abby follows. That leaves Vikki to calm Sharon down (before she ‘blows everything’)