Thursday, September 13th

Like the wonderful secretary she is, Gloria joins Billy in his office offering to order him dinner as the workday extends into the evening. The typical 9AM-5PM shift is slowly transforming into 9AM-9PM as the launch of Jabotique approaches. As he gazes through the company’s expenses, Billy comes across an unfamiliar monthly payment to Type A Consulting. Gloria takes down the company name, surely she can find out why Jabot is paying for their service. Billy takes a call from Bennie, prompting Gloria to leave. “Put me down for a dime on Seattle.”

At CL’s, Sharon sprints to Tessa’s side, “I thought someone attacked you!” Tessa slowly raises her head, “Someone did.”

Kyle orders his variation of a shredded beef sandwich from a Cuban food truck. The young cook/owner presses him over his list of special requests,-he’s practically altering the entire recipe. “Let me make it our way, the right way” she says.

Jack can’t stand to see the change in his mother’s behavior. Ashley offers to listen if he needs someone to talk to however Jack doesn’t even want to stay in the house. Jack just misses Abby – who has some great news. Matt Miller, Victor’s brother, responded to the photo they ran on GC Buzz. Ashley is in disbelief to learn Jack and Victor may be half-brothers.

Billy’s bellowing into his phone – do you know how much money you just cost me!? Sent home for the day, Gloria knows he lost a bet on a game. Her point? Billy was shouting. Anyone could have heard him ‘fib’ – maybe someone who doesn’t have Billy’s back like she does.

Abby shows her Mom the text she got from Matt – of course she’s going to tell Jack. Ashley dissuades her – Victor’s Father was a horrible man. And Jack will spin out if he thinks Victor’s his brother. Ashley wants to check into it first.

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Tessa tells Sharon about the man who attacked her. Don’t call the cops – it was a warning to pay them now. They know where Crystal is. For her sake and Mariah’s, please – put the phone down, Tessa pleads.

Kyle chats up the food truck woman he’s never seen in front of the building/company his family owns. She busted her ass to get this truck. 12 bucks. ‘Finally’, Kyle digs into his ‘amazing’ Cuban sandwich and hopes she returns to this spot. I’m closed for the day, the girl isn’t impressed.

Tessa’s sure her attacker won’t be back – he made his point. Continuing to grill Tessa, Sharon’s alarmed by the bruises on her back and arm. You’re really hurt!

Kyle comes up to suggest Gloria and Kyle try the food truck downstairs. Making sarcastic comments about them both leaving for the day, Kyle snoops through Billy’s office and finds a piece of paper with some numbers (odds?) jotted down.

No, Tessa won’t go to the hospital. Sharon needs to just leave it alone (she then goes to wash her face)