Wednesday, September 12th

Nikki interrogates Victor.. what is going on? Why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost? Victor dodges her questions, “What do you know about Jack Abbott looking for his father?”

Lily examines herself in the mirror before sitting down on the brink of tears.

Cane calls out to his children as they prepare to visit Lily. Mattie debuts her “Free Lily Ashby” t-shirt to her father.

**Today’s spoiler was done by my daughter Riley after a long day at work so please forgive any typos/mistakes. I haven’t even read it yet **
Busted! Summer stops Kyle from skipping their coffee date.

Granted immunity, Nick takes advantage of his newfound position to speak with Rey face-to-face.

While Cane appreciates Mattie’s effort to show her support for her mother, he advises her not to wear the shirt she’s designed, – out of respect for the other inmates. Cane reminds Mattie how fortunate Lily has been with her sentencing, in comparison to those who may have received the maximum prison time for committing the same offense. Mattie agrees, and before she turns around to change, she lets her father know that Charlie isn’t actually home to accompany them to the prison.

Charlie sits down with Devon at the restaurant, “We made a deal that if I went to school, you’d come visit my mother.” Devon corrects Charlie, “I didn’t actually agree to anything.” Charlie expresses his disappointment and storms off, saying “…family only matters when it’s convenient for you.”

Rey and Nick discuss the J.T case. Both agree that J.T must pay for what he’s done to Nick’s family. Rey offers to buy Nick a beer… too soon.

Nikki is suspicious of Victor. Does he know who Jack’s real father is? Why does Victor care to know anything about the search? Once again, Victor diverts her questions and instead gets up to attend to the dessert table.

Mariah and Sharon meet for coffee to catch up before Mariah leaves for her assignment in Madison. Sharon voices her concern after Mariah informs her of Tessa’s recent use of the “L” word. Nick visits Sharon for the first time since the announcement of his immunity and she embraces him, suggesting the two have a small, intimate redo of the launch party for DarkHorse.

Summer directly asks Kyle why he didn’t want to seal the deal with her the night before. He admits it felt heartless. Summer teases him, “What did you expect? The Notebook? Twilight?” Kyle pours out his feelings for Summer, “You’re more to me than a one-night fling, over a stupid bet.”

Charlie gets home just as Cane and Mattie give up on waiting for him. When his father asks where he was, Charlie lies and tells him he had to run back to school to drop off an assignment. In a hurry to leave, Cane says okay and leaves to go to the car. Alone, Mattie calls Charlie’s bluff, she knows he has been skipping class.

Victor and Nikki learn of Nick’s immunity. Though she is happy, Nikki returns to grilling Victor. Truth is, Victor simply just wants nothing to do with that “cold, spineless man.”

The Ashby’s arrive at visitation. The family, led by Mattie ponder about early release. Mattie has been researching possible precedent, citing Victor’s case.