Thursday, September 13th

On the rooftop, Arturo asks Abby why’s she’s distracted. Speaking of ‘family’, you might get to meet Lola. Abby thinks Rey a jerk – I wish you told me he was a cop while he was befriending everyone in my family. It’s my job to explain to the press why my brother got arrested at his launch party. Arturo doesn’t like to talk about Rey. Abby gets it – she has family stuff going on that she can’t discuss (until her Mom gets back to her)

When Nate stops by the coffee house, Sharon tells him that he’s needed.

At the club’s bar, Billy whines about Jack trying to get Nick to cancel his leases. Jack admits he’s made mistakes – trying to prove that Billy’s not fit to be Jabot’s CEO. Yes, he’s backing off. Billy sure wishes Ashley would do the same.

Reminding Sharon that this could be an insurance issue, Nate thinks Tessa should go to the hospital. Coming out, Tessa’s given no choice but to let Dr Nate check her out.

Billy knows Jack’s only backing off because his focus is elsewhere – then asks him about Type A Consulting – who brought them on? Jack has no idea; maybe Ashley when she was briefly in charge? Jack’s proud of the job Billy’s doing as CEO (which Billy appreciates)

When Gloria reappears at her desk, Kyle shows her the paper he claims to have found in the elevator – what is it? Betting odds? You were a bookie for a while, he reminds. Gloria doesn’t think the scribbled numbers are anything (but takes the note and leaves Kyle knowing he’s on to something)

On the rooftop, Arturo tells Lola that she just missed Abby – how was business today? Lola talks about a guy from Jabot who was open to being educated on Cuban food. Ahhh – the spot Arturo told her to park at. Ummm Rey’s in town – he’ll want to see you. Seems he’s sticking around. You getting me that beer? Lola’s left to shake her head and frown.

From what Nate can tell, Tessa’s injuries are superficial but she should go to the hospital for imaging. Not happening and Tessa’s not protecting the man who attacked her. Leaving, Nate tells Sharon that Tessa needs to go to the hospital. Now alone, Tessa doesn’t want Sharon to worry Mariah (or Nick) with this. Sometimes staying quiet is the only way to keep people safe (something Sharon knows that all too well)

Billy comes home looking for misplaced files and to talk to Ashley about swag bags for awards season. Kyle can handle that, Ashley suggests (Billy doesn’t seem to agree) He then asks about Type A Consulting. Ashley had to hire them because her budget was slashed. Yes, they’re good. After Billy hurries back out, Ashley looks busted.

At the club, Abby updates Jack that Nick’s arrest hasn’t hurt Dark Horse at all – he’s ‘edgy’; everyone loves a bad boy. Jack’s impressed with Abby’s PR skills and is surprised no one’s called in about the photo Mariah made public. Abby stammers and looks guilty when Jack gushes about how much her help and support means to him. Both wish things were different. Jack leaves to talk a walk – Abby’s left to look guilty about withholding info.

Ready to leave CL’s for the evening, Sharon apologizes for not believing Tessa. It’s my own fault, Tessa understands – her concern is Crystal. Sharon agrees that she deserves to feel safe. We’ll check the cameras tomorrow to ID this guy. Tessa erased them – she can’t let anything happen to Crystal – ever.

Ashley’s on the phone with ‘Andrew’ – Billy noticed that Type A was in my budget – if anyone asks, you’re doing outside consulting, nothing more.

Back in his office, Billy’s upset by a text saying he lost another bet. I’ll win it back tomorrow, Billy replies – then makes a call to his broker to free up some cash. Take care of this, he insists.

Abby tells Jack what she’s not supposed to – GC Buzz got an email after the segment – from Matt Miller. He said the man in the photo was his and Victor’s Father, Albert Miller. Don’t even say the words, a stunned Jack scowls.