Friday, September 14th

When Kyle comes downstairs, Jack’s quick exit is stalled by questions about his search for his Father. He doesn’t think anything will come of Abby’s idea to spread the photo around social media and on TV – and doesn’t seem to care.

Billy’s called Ashley into his office to apologize for making her feel marginalized since he became Jabot’s CEO – her concerns about money are valid and he’s cancelled 30 promotional hot air balloons (for Jabotique openings) to prove it. Ha ha – just kidding. Kissing Ashley’s butt some more, Billy hopes to be as respected as she is – and to earn her respect as well.

Abby clips clops into the police station to accost Rey. She’s not there as Arturo’s messenger – she’s there to rant about him hijacking her event by arresting Nick at the Dark Horse launch. And does this photo of the arrest in posted on the Chronicle’s website look like no big deal to you?! Rey looks at the tablet she shoves at him.

Summer finds Nick frowning at the photo displayed on a big screen TV mounted in his office. She’s there to offer humour, support – and to express concern that accepting his cheque for her silence has damaged their relationship. Have I lost my Dad?

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Rey hands the tablet back – it says right here that Nick was released without being charged. In the EIGHTH paragraph, Abby wants him to make a public statement. You could have waited and not made a public arrest at the launch. Rey admits that he’d do things differently. A lot of people depend on Nick for jobs – including Arturo, Abby’s pleased when Rey agrees to look into communications issuing a statement and that he won’t back off on looking for JT. We both look out for our families, Rey concludes.

Can I still count on your unconditional love? Summer knows her Dad’s disappointed in her. Nick will always be there for the daughter he loves. Summer confides her problem – a friend she used has cut her loose. Nick encourages her to try salvage the friendship and wishes her good luck when Jack arrives with questions about the arrest. I posed as JT and hacked NE, Nick explains.

At the popcorn machine, Kyle calls a contact to ask about a retired bookie who’s now an oddsmaker. No – too rich for my blood but I know someone who might be interested, he looks at Billy’s office door.

Billy pauses his work to read an email addressed to elite gamblers who’re looking for an opportunity from the best oddsmakers to ensure they ‘come out ahead’. Got a minute? Kyle appears to say he’s OK with Billy cutting the budget on one of his projects. Needing to focus on Jabotiques, Billy assures there’s plenty of other assignments coming Kyle’s way. After he leaves for a meeting, Summer shows up. Billy’s not here – what is it you need? Summer feels terrible for mistreating Kyle. I’m a mess. Kyle admits he understands Summer better than anyone – that’s why it’s amazing that you don’t get me at ALL.