Thursday, September 20th

Rey leaves Ivy in Paul’s office to updates Sharon that she agreed to testify – thanks to you and your empathy. You weren’t so bad either, Sharon seems surprised that Rey was ‘nice’. Both have taken strangers into their homes – perhaps having something in common will lead to a good working relationship. Praising Sharon, Rey looks pleased with himself when she rejoins Ivy in Paul’s office.

In his office, Billy warns Kyle that he could end up like his Dad; on the outside looking in.

Traci comes down to tell Ashley about her time with Dina. Ashley hates to burden her sister further but Billy’s demons are back. Yes, he’s gambling again – with a high priced syndicate. Obligated to protect Jabot, Ashley must use ‘other means’. Traci must unseat Billy as CEO – please.

Kyle’s surprised that the guy who screwed over his own brother to take Jabot is calling out his ambition. You changed your mind about repealing the blood-Abbott clause. Kyle reminds and warns that actions have consequences. What does that mean? Billy asks – but gets no answer when Kyle walks out.

Traci wants to help Billy and is glad Ashley called her. But, she has no place running Jabot. Let’s stage an intervention instead to help Billy quit gambling.

Rey sends Paul a text – Sharon’s first day went well and according to plan.

Nick welcomes Sharon home – how was your first day? When Sharon talks about lies causing collateral damage and breaking up a family, Nick thinks that a good lesson on honesty. Both look guilty.

Jack enters Vikki’s office puzzled by Matt’s vague message. We’re doing this, Victor announces. Nate’s there to take cheek swabs for a DNA test (which will prove we aren’t related) Nate can have the results as early as tomorrow. Both Jack and Victor hold a test packet.

Next week: Billy’s not happy to come home to a room full of family (including Jill and Vikki) This is an intervention? You’ve all lost your minds … Nate joins Jack, Victor, Nikki and Matt with the DNA results. Is Jack Abbott our brother? Matt asks…. A guard comes into the visiting room to tell Cane and Lily that their daughter’s been arrested. What?! Lily yelps …. Nick informs Phyllis that he plans to tell Sharon the truth – you and I had a fling and it’s done …Nikki’s horrified when Sharon announces that she needs to tell Nick the truth about JT’s death – all of it.