Wednesday, September 19th

Seated at the club, Vikki worries about NE’s finances. It’s a little warm in here, she comments as Nate stops by to hear that Victor’s following his diet and exercise regime. Nate wishes all his patients were so cooperative – Victor wishes all doctors were so diligent. After Nate leaves them to it, Victor tells Vikki that he’s a good doctor.

At Dark Horse, Jack asks Abby to bring him a sample of Victor’s DNA (to determine if they’re half brothers)

Charlie drops by the penthouse with a birthday present for Shawna – knowing he can’t come in because Devon’s not home. He doesn’t know it’s my birthday, she informs.

Back at the club, Nate’s glad Devon visited Lily. And both are glad Charlie pushed him into it.

At CL’s, Sharon’s not interested in making small talk with Rey. He’s not there for small talk – he’s there to offer Sharon a job with the GCPD.

Abby would do anything for her Uncle Jack – except go behind her Father’s back or be caught in the middle of this. As the elevator door closes, Jack vows that he won’t stop until he knows the truth.

Rey explains that the police department is looking for a victim liaison. We cops forget about the human side of things – we need someone like you to work with victims and the police. Paul thinks you’re perfect for it. Sharon appreciates the offer but turns it down.

In the hallway, Charlie records Shawna as she opens her gift; an engraved trinket commemorating their prom. Greeting Nate as he gets off the elevator, the kids go to CL’s to celebrate Shawna’s birthday.

After Victor and Vikki leave their table, Jack pockets a napkin but is busted by Devon – and disappointed when a waiter comes over to take it.

Still at the club, Jack makes a call – I’d love to meet with you.

At Devon’s, Nate lets him know that it’s Shawna’s birthday. Aftr=er reminiscing about Devon almost getting eaten by a lion at the zoo when Uncle Malcolm saved him, Nate suggests they get a cake while the kids are at CL’s. Devon thinks they can do better than that.