Thursday, September 20th

At the station, Rey’s on the phone requesting that the new employees’ desk be close to his. Why? Because we’ll be working together.

Coming downstairs, Nick asks Sharon if she’s excited about her first day on the job. She’s on hold (with the station) Taking this job isn’t a good idea, she’s decided.

Kyle’s at home texting Ashley – he knows she’s upset but we must talk. Enter Billy – are you texting Ashley? He’s also trying to reach her regarding business. On cue, Ashley arrives with Traci, who she’s just picked up from the airport.

Abby finds Victor in NE’s breakroom – she’s curious how he’s dealing with Jack. He won’t give up.

Matt and Jack are at the club again. You’re my last resort, Jack pleads. Sorry, but Matt won’t change his mind on this.

Sharon hangs up and will call back later. She tells Nick that she doesn’t trust Rey. Nick understands that he’s just doing his job – and you’ll be working for Paul. He encourages Sharon that she’ll do a good job; possibly save lives. Her mind changed, Sharon doesn’t want to be late for her first day at work ~kiss~ ‘Go get em’, Nick sends her off.

Abby worries about the stress Victor and Nikki are under. Don’t worry – Victor’s boxing will take his mind off Jack trying to get his DNA. When Victor leaves his mug in the breakroom, Abby picks it up – then puts it in the sink.

Matt knows taking a DNA test is a simple process but still refuses to help Jack – the swab must come from Victor. Nick arrives and is pleased to meet the Uncle he doesn’t know. What brings you to town? Jack’s trying to figure out if Nick should be calling him ‘uncle’ too.

At the station, Sharon finds a balloon at her desk (from Rey) and a plant with a note wishing her good luck on her new endeavour (from Vikki, Phyllis and Nikki) Who sent it? Rey asks. Sharon lies – it’s from Nick.

Seated with Kyle, Billy and Ashley, Traci updates that her book tour went well. After a chat with Ashley, she decided to come back because Dina’s declining. When Traci and Billy go to see Mrs Martinez, Kyle suspects that Ashley brought Traci to take over for Billy. Worried he’s being ‘sidelines’ Kyle denies having anything to do with Billy’s gambling. Ashley just wants to reconnect with her sister.