Friday, September 21st

Entering Billy’s office, Phyllis immediately detects that he’s tense. Massaging his shoulders, she sees that he’s been looking at sports scores. Pulling Phyllis into his lap, Billy’s a winner – ‘as long as I have you’.

Jill surprises Lily with a hug and concern about how she’s managing in here. Lily focuses on going home and is more worried about the kids (downplaying things and trying to maintain a brave face)

At CL’s, Charlie and Cane are both unable to reach Mattie (they’re meeting up to go visit Lily)

Kyle and Ashley chat at the house. Is Traci going to take over Billy’s CEO position? Kyle’s eager. We’re going in a different direction, Ashley informs him.

Nikki’s delighted to see Matt at the club. Joining her, he wishes he’d reached out to Victor as soon as he saw Albert’s photo on TV. Neither is surprised that Victor’s dealing with the possibility of Jack being his brother in his own way; alone. Nikki’s giving him distance.

‘I see we had the same impulse’, Jack orders a drink on the rooftop bar ‘and whatever he’s having’. Victor doesn’t agree that it’s ‘happy hour’. It’s 4 pm and still no results. Clinking glasses, both hope the DNA results are negative.

Matt wouldn’t be upset if it’s proven that Jack’s his half-brother. Nikki’s knows Victor would be – and Jack might regret finding out that Albert Miller was his Father. Matt realizes that she’s more worried than Jack and Victor.

Back on the rooftop, Jack asks Victor how he’ll feel if they share the same Father. Victor thinks the odds are thin. It’d be a bad joke played on them by the universe.

Lily talks to Jill about how hard this is on Cane and the kids; especially Charlie. Mattie’s thrown herself into researching and seeking early release for her Mom (which Lily feels guilty about. Mattie should be enjoying her last year of high school)

Cane gets a text from Mattie – she’s busy with a project and will meet them at the prison. Charlie thinks that typical Mattie.

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