Monday, September 24th

The ladies continue to have fun getting ready (except Summer – who loudly reminds Abby that she cheated with her husband) It takes two, Vikki chimes in. When Summer directs her negativity towards Mariah, Tessa jumps to her defence. Still at the front door, Nick insists that he’s picked the perfect home. I’m doing this for us. Sharon can’t deny that the house looks great and sends Nick off with a kiss (as Nikki arrives) All now raise clink glasses after Abby makes a toast.

Nikki looks over at Sharon as she tells Vikki that she’s here to keep an eye on the ‘weakest link’. When Abby raves to the girls about Arturo, Summer suggests that he’s after money – how well do you know him? Abby lists Arturo’s fine qualities. But no, she’s not saying he’s perfect. Summer’s attitude continues as all mingle. The party bus scheduled to arrive soon, Summer sends Kyle a text (looking for an excuse to ditch Sharon’s party) ‘Not interested’, Kyle replies immediately. Sharon whispers an update to Nikki and Vikki – Rey caught her looking at JT’s file. No, she’s not being set up. Don’t trust Rey – be more careful, they warn Sharon. After Mariah hands out sashes for everyone to wear all file out to the bus. Except for Sharon – who pauses to look at the print out of her new home – then look around at the home she obviously doesn’t want to leave.

Nikki comes back in to find Sharon near tears and fiddling with her ring. Are you alright? Talk to me, Nikki encourages.

At CL’s, Matt’s glad he reconnected with his half-brother and is there to say goodbye. Victor would also like to stay in touch. This painful reminder of his past makes Victor hope that his children never think of him the way he thinks of Albert Miller.

At the club’s bar, Jack’s not sure whether he’ll continue his search – but tonight’s a celebration. We’re going to be neighbours soon, Nick announces. He hopes Sharon likes his surprise. Bold move, Jack looks concerned. Nick wants everything to be just right this time.

A weepy Sharon tells Nikki about the new house. No stranger to grand gestures, Nikki doesn’t see it as a problem and confides that she’s always disliked Sharon because they’re a lot alike. We both grew up poor and struggled for what we have. Our early experiences will always be with us. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? Sharon concludes. Smiling, Nikki may not like Sharon but respects that she also puts family first. Sharon sniffles – that’s the most honest and meaningful thing you’ve ever said to me. Asked for her advice, Nikki tells Sharon to strap in and enjoy the ride. Sharon wishes she didn’t feel like she was losing the parts of Nick that she fell in love with and practically blushes when Nikki praises her some more. Nikki’s smile turns upside down instantly when Sharon announces that she needs to tell Nick the truth about JT’s death – all of it.

Next: Sharon decides to come clean … Nick makes a shocking decision … Devon struggles to move on.