Tuesday, September 25th

Devon’s at Neil’s to chat about Shawna’s birthday and ask him out to eat. Neil’s busy with Nick’s party and thinks Hilary would want him to go out with his friends.

At the club’s bar, Jack’s invited a select group for what John Abbott used to call a gentleman’s evening; dinner, brandy and cigars. You did say no surprises, Jack reminds Nick.

The party bus still presumably idling in the driveway, Sharon updates Nikki that she intends to tell Nick the truth.

Nick’s fine with a low key evening (after his last bachelor party ended in jail) Hearing about the new house, Jack doubts Sharon thinks Nick’s behaving like his Father. She knows you’d never do anything to break your trust. Nick looks guilty.

Sharon doesn’t plan to tell the ‘whole world’ (about JT) just Nick – he’ll never betray us. You want to put this stress on him?! Nikki thinks that a horrible idea. Mariah returns to hurry her Mom and Nikki out to the waiting bus.

Who’s on the guest list? Nick wonders. And no, he doesn’t want strippers to attend – or Victor (though he is one of the few people who understands why I did things the way I did) Arturo joins the party – what?! No strippers?! Neil and Devon bring a bottle of cognac for the occasion.

On the rooftop, the rowdy ladies toast the bride and clink glasses – then infest the dance floor. Phyllis joins Nikki and Vikki at the bar. Sharon wanted to tell Nick everything but Nikki’s confident that she handled it (but goes over to handle it some more) Yes, I told them, she admits to Sharon – but I also told them you won’t be a problem.