Monday, September 24th

As Sharon snoops through a thick folder re: JT sitting on Rey’s desk, he appears to say ‘I didn’t know you were still here’.

In Vikki’s office with Nikki and Matt, Victor tells Nate to open the damn results. He’d be glad to – when Jack gets there.

Sharon’s sorry she looked at JT’s file. Rey understands she’d be curious given how close she is to the situation. Sharon’s fascinated by police work. Mentioning that she was involved with Paul’s son, Rey talks about getting into someone’s head and developing an intuition. He was brought onto the case as a pair of fresh eyes.

Rey tells Sharon that everyone leaves DNA behind; no crime is clean. Even the best make mistakes that eventually give them away. Well, Sharon has a bachelorette party to get to. Go, have fun, Rey sends her off.

When Jack hurries into Vikki’s office, Victor wants to destroy the results without reading them. Nikki and Matt encourage him to face this head on.

Victor declares that if the DNA results are a match it changes nothing between him and Jack. Opening the envelope, Nate announces that it’s not a match. Let’s get out of here, Victor whisks Nikki out. A shellshocked Jack’s left holding the results.

Setting up Sharon’s place for the pre-party get-together, Mariah frets about her Mom. Nothing will mess this up for her and Nick, Tessa’s sure. Nick comes home to change for whatever Jack has in store for him. As he heads upstairs, Sharon comes home in a hurry to get ready for the party. Before we get on the bus, Mariah’s arranged for her stylist, David, to come over and get them all glammed up. You’re amazing, Sharon gushes. It’s going to be a fantastic night, Mariah looks at Tessa over Sharon’s shoulder as her Mom hugs her.

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As David works on Sharon’s hair, Summer’s the first to arrive (and snipe sarcastically about Mariah being nice to her) Abby brings her own stylist and an appetite but is disappointed to see only cupcakes.

Still in Vikki’s office, Matt tells Jack that Victor lives with the scars of being Albert Miller’s son (implying it’s for the best that Jack isn’t)

Tessa and Mariah do their best to keep the party festive when Vikki arrives. When they go downstairs for ice, Vikki and Abby chat about Billy’s gambling. Vikki hopes he doesn’t hit rock bottom again. But tonight’s about Sharon, the sisters agree. As Vikki then tells Sharon that she’s happy for her, Nick comes down to suspect there’s more to her comment.

While the ladies wonder what Jack has in store for Nick’s night out, Tessa’s surprised to hear that their last bachelor/bachelorette party ended up with them all in jail cells after a bar fight. All chuckling at the memory, Nick’s looking forward to a quiet night with his homies.

On the CL’s patio, Victor sends Nikki off to her party – I’ll be fine ~kiss~

Sipping champagne, Summer’s cynical thoughts on love annoy Tessa and Mariah. Across the room, Nick shows Sharon a printout. No, it’s not their honeymoon destination – he bought this house for them to move into after the wedding.