Tuesday, September 25th

Summer’s surprised to find Phyllis on the rooftop (and that she and Vikki are so friendly) They then watch Nikki working on Sharon – nobody else can find out what happened to JT. Mariah summons Sharon and all the guests back to the table for a speech about honesty. To the once and future Mrs Nick Newman – cheers. Does anyone else have anything good to say about Sharon? Silence and smiles.

At the club, Jack says nice things about Nick – he’s so happy for him and Sharon. You give us all hope. Cheers. Try not to screw it up, Arturo jokes. Jack continues his pep talk and another toast. Devon’s happy for Nick and wishing him the best leaves them to step up this party. All drink a shot.

Abby manages to say some nice things to (and about) the new Sharon. Vikki’s nudged to go next – Nick loves you and I know you’d never hurt him. Here’s to Sharon. Summer should hate Sharon for making her think Nick wasn’t her Dad – but she’s on team Schick now. Does Phyllis have anything to say? Silence/awkward smile.

Pressured to chime in, Phyllis, of course, wants Nick and Sharon to be happy. The ladies all take note when the boys arrive on the rooftop whining that they were bored downstairs. As all hit the dancefloor, Mariah frets about her party being a bust. Phyllis, Vikki and Nikki wonder where Sharon is. At the bar, Mariah and Tessa set the boys straight on the rules. When Summer calls them all onto the dancefloor, Jack and Neil stick around to chat about Ashley, and Billy’s intervention. Getting a text from Ashley, Neil’s given an ‘out’ by Jack – who fusses of Phyllis – who then fusses over a surly Billy.

Nearly everyone on the dance floor, Jack joins Phyllis in trying to get Billy to stop drinking and go home. We love you and want to help you. Billy knows Ashley just set up the intervention to push him out as CEO. You don’t trust me? Phyllis’ jaw hangs on the ground (until Jack escorts her away – leaving Billy to drink)

Nikki and Vikki watch with worry as Nick dances with Sharon. Abby has good news for Arturo – she booked a room upstairs. He has good news for her – yes, he believes in happily ever after.