Monday, October 1st

Mariah pauses coming through the front door to listen to Nick telling Christian all about the great new house they’re moving into. Your Uncle Adam would be happy to know you’ll have a great life. Nick’s working hard to make things perfect. I love you so much ~hug~

The board members applaud Traci (voted in as CEO 6-2) She clarifies that it’s very temporary – Billy will eventually see that we did the right thing. ‘Fenmore’s appreciates you’, Lauren says before leaving with Abby. Jack will see to it that Billy keeps his word to go to rehab (and also leaves) Traci asks Ashley why she didn’t mention Billy embezzling money at the intervention. Ashley hoped it wouldn’t be necessary. Now down to just Ashley and Kyle, he gloats that the meeting couldn’t have gone better. Ashley would agree – if she had ice water running through her veins.

Over coffee at CL’s, Lauren hopes she can count on Abby to help her and Phyllis promote Fenmore’s as a valuable asset. Abby’s more worried about Billy but half-heartedly agrees. After Lauren leaves, Lola comes along to joke about her brothers getting along. Abby doesn’t want to interrupt them. Lola clearly does – look who’s here guys!

When Mariah comes in to apologize for being late, Nick sends Christian upstairs to fetch a toy then thanks her for helping with the wedding. He understands the lack of support for him and Sharon but vows to be the partner she deserves. Mariah’s curious – does Nick have any unfinished business with other women? Nick’s taken aback – why would you ask that? I’m all in – forever.

Still in the CEO’s office, Ashley chides Kyle for his lack of empathy for Billy. Heaping praise upon Ashley, Kyle knows she’s also happy about how the meeting went. She’s sick about what Billy’s going through. Kyle’s just happy that Traci’s brief rein will result in Jabot becoming a ‘meritocracy’ again – anyone who wants to be CEO can fight for it.

On the patio, Abby asks Arturo if he and Rey had a breakthrough. Not really, he changes the subject. Barely noticing, Abby’s looking forward to today’s wedding (with her gorgeous man on her arm)

Phyllis joins Billy at the club’s bar to reiterate that she’ll always have his back – and will use Jack’s money to reimburse Jabot first thing tomorrow. Billy assumes Ashley will unlock the account unless she wants to send him to prison. At this point, he wants nothing to do with anything Abbott. ‘That’s too bad’, Jack arrives to declare that Billy will always be family and as such he’ll always have his back – ‘deal with it’.

With a box of cupcakes, Rey thanks Lola for helping him move (and enlisting Arturo) She hopes it’s not a one-time thing. After Rey goes to settle in upstairs, Kyle arrives and joins Lola to ask her out tonight. Lola informs that she has a full social and work-life. Not allowing Kyle to get a word in, she’s about to leave but pauses to suggest they go out tomorrow night. Kyle’s busy tomorrow shampooing cats at the shelter. Lola smiles.

Having joined Billy and Phyllis at the bar, Jack puts their drinks on his tab. Since he’s coughed up 250K to repay Jabot, Jack insists Billy go to rehab and gets the help he needs. Yes, of course Phyllis will help with that. After Jack leaves, Billy thanks Phyllis for getting Jack off his butt. She wasn’t just saying words – Phyllis agrees that Billy needs to be in a treatment facility.