Monday, October 1st

Phyllis believes it when Billy says he’s going to rehab tomorrow. He doesn’t like her forming an alliance with Jack (who might be misreading things) Phyllis admits there was ‘a look’ – but it was just one of trust (because she helped Jack kick opioids) Phyllis vows to be there for Billy and disagrees that he won’t get his CEO job back. Ashley will be too busy fending off a coup from Kyle. Now, how about being my +1 at Nick and Sharon’s wedding tonight? she entices.

Nick leaves carrying his monkey-suit and Christian. When Sharon goes upstairs to do her makeup, Mariah jokes with Faith (who admits she’s nervous – my parents aren’t very good at being married) Bottom line; she’s afraid to get her hopes up. People should be super-sure before they get married. With a hug, Mariah agrees.

Ashley returns to the CEO’s office to find Traci looking uncomfortable in the big chair she’s just been voted into. It’s so different on this side of the desk, Traci looks forward to being replaced by someone more experienced. Ashley’s sure that won’t take long – and here’s some paperwork to sign. Traci decides that she should read the documents first but doesn’t feel that Ashley’s manipulating her. Nor does she look convinced when Ashley tells her that the powerful seat is ‘addicting’.

Still at the club, Phyllis makes a case for Billy attending Nick and Sharon’s wedding (which she’d be miserable at without him) That’s all you had to say, Billy gives her a kiss.

Nick’s in his tux, Christian on his lap at the Abbott house. Jack’s never seen him look so happy. You haven’t, Nick guarantees with a grin.

Sharon comes down to relay a near catastrophe with nail polish. Mariah’s solemn – I don’t know where to begin – this is so hard. No, it’s not Tessa. I didn’t want to do this to you, today of all days. Mariah heard something and doesn’t know how to handle it. After talking to Faith …. Sharon interrupts to acknowledge Faith’s doubts. Near tears, Mariah confides that what she heard involves Nick and Phyllis. Sharon stands – what about them? I’m so sorry Mom, Mariah sniffles – they slept together a few weeks ago.

Next: Friends and family gather for Nick and Sharon’s wedding.

My Thoughts: OK, it’s been a while since I had any thoughts. Bear (bare?) with me….. Since when did CL’s include an upstairs apartment? And why wasn’t it offered to anyone who’s needed a place to stay before? That homeless woman, Tessa? Why would Rey need to carry his boxes of crap right through the middle of the coffee shop? There’s obviously another entrance to the apartment …. I didn’t see the entirety of Billy’s intervention but having watched Intervention a few times, it seems they missed an important factor – those participating in the intervention must be prepared to cut off all ties with the addicted person if he or she doesn’t agree to go to rehab immediately…. Jack will always have Billy’s back? Really? Why? That’s odd considering their history. And it’s not like he’s always had Ashley’s back either. Or Kyle’s … Nick and Sharon’s wedding seems so poorly organized. Everything about it shouts ‘last minute’. Oh well, who’s going to notice the lack of flowers and hors d’oeuvre when the bomb is dropped before the I do’s…. Fenmore’s was a successful chain of retails stores long before being brought under the Jabo umbrella. Why does Lauren need to convince anyone that her ‘brand’ is an asset? The sales figures are good or rhey’re not. And considering how hard Jill fought for a piece of Fenmore’s, she sure doesn’t give a rats ass now .. I doubt Traci will find the CEO chair addictive – but it would be a nice surprise if they finally gave the character something to do other than ‘be nice’.