Wednesday, October 10th

At home, Jack asks Kyle to dial down his frustration towards Ashley for the good of the company. No can do – Kyle isn’t a disgruntled employee, he’s a righteous whistleblower who can’t just ignore what Andrew told him. He and the scheming Ashley are up to something. On cue, Ashley appears to ask what they’re discussing so intently.

Tessa asks Sharon if she watched GC Buzz yesterday; Mariah’s doing a great job. Sharon appreciates Tessa’s kind effort to distract her from the disastrous wedding. Tessa wishes she could help Sharon. You are by making Mariah happy. Can you cover me when Phyllis gets here (CL’s)? We have commitments so will have to put up with each other for a little while longer. When Phyllis arrives, Sharon orders her to the patio to show her the typed note she also received.

Seated at the club, Vikki wonders if the note is from someone who’s upset with Nick. Or someone trying to find out what we know, Nikki suggests. Who are we kidding? Vikki doesn’t believe either theory.

Visiting Lily, Cane gives her a hug and explains that the kids know she doesn’t want them to miss school. He’s recording Lily’s favourite shows to binge watch when she’s out. When Cane observes that Lily doesn’t seem happy to see him, she explains that, since the kids aren’t there, she doesn’t feel the need to act brave.

Kyle and Jack tell Ashley that they were discussing the mood of the house affecting Dina and how to distract her. See you at the office, Ashley leaves. Jack again asks Kyle not to make waves with his Aunt/boss.

Back on the patio, Phyllis and Sharon wonder whether Vikki and Nikki received letters too. Someone knows, Sharon worries – now what?

Cane understands what Lily’s going through. No, you don’t, Lily sighs – and wishes Mattie would stop protesting her incarceration. There are women in here worse off. Cane’s only concern is getting Lily home. This is my life now, Lily’s accepted that and Cane should too.

In Ashley’s office, Kyle updates on Black Friday ads. She’s not buying his model-employee performance after having a hissy fit over not being made COO. Kyle intends to suck it up and do the best job he can. Ashley doesn’t trust Kyle; she’ll give him the benefit of the doubt but is watching him.