Thursday, October 11th

The coast clear at Gloria’s desk, Phyllis opens an envelope and reads a message that sends her scurrying off.

Over tea at the club, Ashley tells Lauren that it’s too late to kill the Jabotiques but assures that Fenmore’s will always play a vital role in Jabot’s brick and mortar strategy. Lauren knew she was right in casting her vote for Ashley as CEO after having issues with Jack and Billy – but with money so tight, Lauren almost feels like she’s being bribed.

At home, Jack shares his suspicions regarding Ashley’s relationship with Andrew and Type A Consulting. She might be in trouble and won’t turn to me for help, he worries. Knowing Ashley wouldn’t do anything unethical, Traci warns Jack that if he makes trouble, she’ll fight him every step of the way.

On the CL’s patio, a blindfolded Kyle is taste-testing Lola’s new dishes. Stuffed but ready for the next sample, he gets a kiss. He’s sure Lola will wow the Harvest Festival organizer (where Lola hopes her truck gets exposure) Passing Lola as she exits, Abby asks Kyle what he’s doing with her boyfriend’s little sister.

Inside CL’s, Phyllis shows Vikki the note she just received; ‘If you don’t want anyone to find out what you did, it will cost you. The first digit is 2’. 2 thousand? 2 million? Vikki wonders. Perhaps 2 body parts, Phyllis quips. Rey appears to ask the ladies ‘what’s so fascinating’?

Seated with Kyle on the patio, Abby tells him that Lola’s not his type – she’s not flighty or pretentious – she’s sweet and honest; no BS. Unlike me? Kyle won’t mess with Lola’s head. No, he hasn’t dated anyone like her; she loves what she does and calls me on my crap without making me feel stupid. Abby’s surprised; perhaps dating Lola will be good for Kyle.

Tucking the note in her purse, Phyllis scolds Rey for being nosy. Vikki chides him for not getting anywhere in his investigation of JT. I guess I’ll get back to it, Rey leaves Phyllis to express admiration for the way Vikki handled him. OK, she’ll tone it down – but maybe he’s the one sending us letters.

Impressed that her cousin may be growing up, Abby leaves Jack to ask Kyle what that means and update that Traci doesn’t share their suspicions that Ashley’s up to something nefarious with Andrew. Kyle wants to involve the board to get answers. Jack goes along but insists that it can’t appear that they’re going after Ashley.