Tuesday, October 9th

At the house, Jack warns Kyle that he’s swimming in dangerous waters (with Ashley)

Ashley scolds Phyllis for missing the meeting and reminds that her name is on the office door – I’m the CEO now, not Billy. Entering that office, she’s not happy to find Andrew with his feet up on her desk – he figured Ashley would want to discuss a payment plan behind closed doors.

Waiting for the elevator, Phyllis looks worried when she opens and reads the same letter Vikki and Nikki received.

At Dark Horse, Summer asks her Dad how he is. Yes, of course she’s sorry about everything. At least you don’t have to pay for my silence anymore. No, Summer didn’t ruin their sweet deal by telling Sharon – but perhaps it’s for the best. Now you can try again with Mom.

Sharon’s looking at a photo of Nick on her phone when Rey comes over to his desk – then invites her up to his place for dinner.

Still waiting for the elevator, Phyllis rereads the troubling typed note.

Back at the Abbott house, Jack lectures Kyle for teaming up with person after person to further his agenda. Kyle’s sure that Ashley’s plotting and scheming will catch up with her.

‘You were well compensated’ and now, Ashley’s done with Andrew. No, he’s not blackmailing her – but she’ll have to pay monthly for his continued silence. Quit while you’re ahead, Ashley walks over to open her office door. Andrew leaves when Neil arrives to wonder ‘what’s with that guy? He’s always around’.

Both seated at their desks, Sharon’s not ready to date now (and maybe never) It’s not a date, Rey’s inviting her to join him and his sister for dinner – in hopes she can use her psych skills to defuse any tension between him and Lola. Rey leaves and Phyllis arrives. You’ve gone too far this time, she scowls as she hands Sharon the letter.