Friday, October 12th

As all reel in shock, Abby whimpers – that’s not funny – this is a bad joke – tell them you didn’t do this, she appeals to her Mother. Jack’s stunned – you hired this guy to fake a paternity test? Took advantage of Dina’s confusion? Ashley did this for everyone Jack’s made feel like a second-class citizen – she was sick of the blood Abbott clause so got rid of it. I did this for you and your future children, she tells Abby. Jack’s astounded – he has his Father, John Abbott, back.

Nikki’s in Vikki’s office to compare notes. The final three digits of the blackmailer’s request are ‘000’. Phyllis got another letter too. We only have 24 hours, Vikki frets – Sharon must have gotten another letter – why hasn’t she called?

At home, Sharon’s mail sits unopened as she’s on the phone with Faith (who needs a permission slip her Mom’s misplaced)

Telling Jack that she’s so sorry, Traci blasts Ashley for lying. I tried to tell you, Kyle chimes in. No one understands how you could do this, Jack glares at Ashley as he orders everyone out so he can get answers. After all file out, Ashley won’t ‘beg for forgiveness’ from Jack – everything she did was justified.

Outside Ashley’s office the Abbott’s, Lauren and Phyllis are reeling in shock. Abby doesn’t even know her Mother anymore.

Ashley came up with the plan and executed it herself. The blood-Abbott clause made her feel like a fraud. Your Father would be disgusted that you pushed me out of Jabot. Ashley’s also angry that Jack conspired with Vikki to destroy her reputation when she worked at Newman. THAT was the tipping point. I fought back in a way as cold and calculating as what you did to me, an emotional Ashley is in tears.

Folding laundry, Sharon sniffs Nick’s shirt then gets a call from Nikki – we all got a second letter, did you? We only have 24 hours. Sharon will let Nikki know if she gets another letter ~click~ Finding then reading the letter, Sharon looks horrified.

At the elevator, Andrew defends himself against the Abbotts – he was just doing the job he was hired to do. Something drove Ashley to this point.