Monday, October 15th

Whoa – what the heck?! Who did this? Ted looks at broken glass on his desk. I did – Jack’s glare indicates that he has nothing further to add.

Ashley comes home to face Traci and Abby’s questions – we deserve answers and WILL get them.

At CL’s, Tessa serves Arturo her newest creation. Lola arrives to say that the beverage isn’t authentic then comes behind the counter to show her how to make it.

Nikki, Sharon and Vikki are still at the club debating what to do. Sharon doesn’t want to reward their blackmailer. What Phyllis did with Nick is a good indication that we shouldn’t take her advice – she has nothing to lose and might set the three of us up to take the fall, she warns.

With Tessa and Lola behind the counter, Arturo declares his new beverage ‘perfect’ – then asks about Kyle. Lola drags her brother aside to say that based on HIS past he shouldn’t judge Kyle.

Jack instructs Ted to find a new office, have maintenance clean up this mess then book a conference room at the club – we have unfinished business to attend to.

Pouring herself a glass of wine, Ashley gets an earful from Abby (who’s very upset over what she did to Jack) Traci agrees – you had to know this would devastate him. He called his dealer and could have gotten addicted to pills again. Ashley’s not responsible for Jack’s decisions – and why didn’t you confront him about using the blood-Abbott clause? You assumed I’d just go along with it. Well, you assumed wrong, Ashley’s defiant.

Nikki understands why Sharon wouldn’t want to be around Phyllis but we need to leave emotion out of it. Sharon and Phyllis don’t have the money to pay the blackmailer but Vikki and I do, Nikki thought the decision had been made. Wait, Vikki’s rethinking this.

Tessa rewards Lola with a muffin for teaching her how to make Cuban coffee. She wants more lessons and offers to work in the food truck. Arturo knows Lola wants to do it all herself. Getting a text, he needs to get to Jabot – perhaps he’ll stop by Kyle’s office and dig up some info. Don’t you dare, Lola warns with a smile.