Thursday, October 18th

At the house, Dina asks Abby what day it is. Thursday – but Kay, Jennifer and Joanna can’t make it for Bridge night. Abby’s going have breakfast with her boyfriend and his sister. Dina fondly recalls meeting John’s family and when Abby goes to tell the nurse and Mrs Martinez that she’s leaving, Ashley comes in – hello Mother.

Vikki arrives at CL’s – I got your message. Taking her to the patio, Sharon wants Vikki’s opinion of how they handled the situation. We haven’t heard anything, Vikki’s optimistic. Rey hasn’t said anything and Sharon can’t be too obvious with him; sometimes she feels he sees right through her. Is something going on between you and Rey? Vikki asks – as Nick walks in.

Lola and Arturo are at the club to meet Abby for breakfast (and bicker about Kyle while they wait) Lola doesn’t have time for a serious relationship. What’d he do? Arturo asks.

As Dina raves about being with John and her kids again, Abby comes down to give her Mom the cold shoulder. Neither has been sleeping well. Ashley’s sure Jack sleeps just fine. Why did you upset that young girl? Dina asks after Abby leaves. She won’t let Ashley go upstairs to fetch her things. You’re not Ashley. You’re not an Abbot – I’ll call the police! Do what you have to do, Ashley marches upstairs, leaving Dina to wonder where her phone is.

Vikki has to get to a meeting – we’ll discuss our project later, she tells Sharon and says bye to Nick. He’s left to tell Sharon that Christian misses her, Faith and Mariah. Come visit – check out the new place, he invites. Sharon doesn’t think that’s a good idea (but wants to remain in Christian’s life) Rey comes in to banter with Sharon. We’re in the middle of something, Nick frowns dismissively. Sharon makes it clear that she’s more interested in talking to Rey than Nick.

What did the punk do? Or shall I go ask him? Arturo threatens. Lola relays Summer busting up their evening and Kyle catering to her. Arturo reports Abby pouring a drink over his head when she caught him dancing with Summer. She loves making trouble. Lola respects Kyle for helping a friend instead of being a jerk. He’s not your boyfriend, Art reminds (knowing she cares and wondering why) When Abby arrives, Lola bows out to get her truck ready. Abby sits to praise Lola and gripe about the family she hates. Arturo can relate – but they’re still family.

Hearing that Rey’s had a new mattress delivered to the apartment upstairs, Sharon claims that she’s been thinking of buying a new bed – what kind of mattress did you get? She’s impressed that its top of the line. Gripping conversation, Nick rolls his eyes and asks Sharon to call him later to talk about the kids. Sharon’s left to further discuss Rey’s new mattress and offer to shop for new sheets. What size? Let’s go check it out. Listening, Nick’s not happy when they head upstairs.

Ashley comes downstairs to find Dina trying to reach the police. Insisting the stuff in the box is hers, Ashley asks Dina if she remembers this – and this? My tennis trophy and gifts her Father gave her. You’re stealing from Ashley – leave this stuff and get out! Dina barks. Keep it, Ashley goes to sulk in a chair as Dina gushes over photos of Jack and Traci. We had such wonderful Christmases in this house. Ashley remembers things differently – Daddy wanted us to feel loved and wanted. I love Ashley, Dina’s indignant. Ashley’s in tears as she lists what Dina took ‘from Ashley’. Dina can prove that her version’s true. It DOES exist, she too is in tears as Ashley slams out.

You weren’t kidding when you said your family’s falling apart, an updated Arturo doesn’t blame Jack for being pissed at Ashley. Abby expects this from the Newman side of her family, not the Abbott’s. You have to work harder to get it back to where it used to be, Arturo offers to help. Alas, Abby doesn’t think there’s anything he, or anyone can do.

Ashley’s sipping her coffee on the CL’s patio when Vikki comes in after her run and is surprised to hear that Ashley was voted out as CEO. Yes, she DID do everything she could to hang onto it and her whole life blew up because of it.

Sharon and Rey walk into the station discussing a police matter she helped resolve. You’re doing a good job, he praises, then is pleasantly surprised to find new sheets on his desk. She hopes the color’s OK. After more riveting conversation about beds and Nick acting like nothing’s changed between us, Sharon announces that she’s turned a corner. Rey hopes it leads to someplace good.

Dina rummages around the dining room muttering ‘where did I put it’? Kyle returns home to offer help. I’m a good Mother, I have to find the proof, Dina babbles. What are we searching for? Kyle asks. It was right here, she points to a painting on the wall. We put them in the safe together. Of course at Jabot, she snaps impatiently. Kyle suggests they go for a drive – I think I know where it is.

Ashley shouldn’t be surprised at how things turned out and likens her actions to Vikki colluding with Jack to get what’s hers at NE. Likewise, Vikki completely understands the need to prove being as smart as a brother. When did your family decide to dress up as my family for Halloween this year? she jokes. The Abbott’s are the all-American family. No, the Abbott’s can be just as ruthless as the Newmans, Ashley knew there was no turning back and has no regrets. But yes, it’s taking its toll. Sounds like you’ve been through something similar; was it worth it? Vikki hopes so.

At Dark Horse, Abby thanks Arturo for his support. Told that he has experience with family issues, she assumes he’s referring to Rey. Nick pops his head out to summon Abby into his office. Has Arturo talked to you about his brother? Nick’s surprised she’s not more curious. Abby’s surprised Nick is.

Sharon agrees to do a report for Rey then takes a call (she and Mariah decide on Thai takeout and wine) Hanging up, Sharon confides that things weren’t always good between her and Mariah; she and her twin sister were both taken from me. Cassie died when she was 14. Rey can’t imagine. His wife didn’t want kids. He wanted to be the kind of Father he never had. Getting a text, Sharon’s eyes bug out as she suddenly has to go.

As sad music plays, Ashley looks incredibly lonely on the patio.

Kyle leads Dina into the CEO’s office. John’s not here, but we’ll find the documents. Dina has to meet John at the county club. The safe? It’s over there, she points at the wall. It’s all changed. No, I’m NOT confused. We put papers in the safe together to protect Ashley. Kyle takes a painting off the wall and taps the wall until he finds a hollow spot. Using a letter opener, he pries off a panel to reveal a hidden safe. See? I wasn’t lying, Dina’s elated. Yes, she knows the combination – her birthday. 8-28 …. 38. Open it, she prods gleefully and looks even happier as they look inside.

Abby won’t ‘lean the conversation’. You want to use Arturo to get info on Rey to spy on Sharon? You’re coming across as a jealous ex. She’s the Mother of my kids, Nick knows Rey’s lying to Sharon. Where’s his wife? Why won’t Arturo talk about his brother? Admitting that she’s curious too, Abby reluctantly agrees to see what she can do. You won’t regret this, Nick promises. I hope not, she looks unsure.

Vikki ends a conference call when Sharon barges in to tell her to check her email – now. Stop scrolling, she orders as she leans over Vikki’s shoulder. I got the same one, so did Nikki and Phyllis. ‘You now owe 249K. Pay by midnight or the police will know what’s buried here’. When Vikki opens the attached photo, both look in horror – it’s the abstract art piece in the park.

Next week; I would like to see my wife now, Cane gets huffy. I’m afraid that’s not possible, the warden informs .. Sharon orders Nick to stay out of her life…. Traci’s worried about the directions this family’s headed.. what are you doing? Dina yelps as Kyle’s about to shred a document.