Wednesday, October 17th

In Jabot’s CEO’s office, Phyllis blasts Billy – you slept with my daughter to get back at me!? Summer calls Billy a pig. He’s unapologetic. Phyllis then lashes out at Summer for telling Mariah about her and Nick. She overheard me – then Billy told me he wanted me – I thought we had a connection, Summer whimpers – by the time she woke up the next morning, he’d gone to rehab. Every horrible thing people say about you is true – you and my Mom are perfect for each other! Summer slams out. Billy boasts that it was his idea to sleep with Summer – to screw over the two people who screwed him over. Phyllis slaps him across the face.

On the CL’s patio, Mariah finishes up some work and tells Tessa ‘I’m all yours’.

Getting a visit from Nate, Lily’s surprised to hear that Neil’s dating Ashley. I wonder why he didn’t tell me. She also wonders why Cane didn’t come to visit – do you know why? she asks Nate.

Kyle joins Lola at CL’s to complain about business and family drama (the reason he hasn’t contacted her) Lola’s not bothered and thinks going to Chicago for dinner on the private jet a waste of fuel. Now, why don’t you tell me why you were arrested for grave robbing.

Phyllis is furious that Billy took his anger at her and Nick out on Summer. You’re despicable! Still unapologetic, Billy tells Phyllis to be honest – you always want a man on the side, stringing them along; playing the ‘cool ex’ with Nick and Jack.

Nate has no idea why Cane didn’t visit but promises Lily that he’ll find out. Call me if you don’t hear from him by tomorrow, he’s sure there’s an explanation – don’t worry.

A medal around her neck, Shawna comes home with Devon and Charlie; all discussing her win at a swim meet. She credits something Hilary told her – she loved it when people underestimated her – ‘let it fuel you’. I felt she was there with me today. Don’t be sorry – that makes Devon happy ~hug~