Friday, October 19th

Who renovates and office to hide a safe without checking it? Kyle wonders in Jabot’s CEO office. Dina’s glad to have proof to show ‘that girl’ that she’s a good Mother. Outside, Billy asks Ted if him and Phyllis breaking up is water cooler gossip. Ted’s di[plomatic and vague, but yes – he heard about the break-up ad is sorry to hear it. Billy’s happy to have kicked tow bad habits – gambling and Phyllis. Peeking out the window, Kyle tries to hurry Dina – let’s go through the papers right here, he discreetly locks the door.

Whoever’s dong this knows what we did and by this time tomorrow so might everyone else in town! Sharon is in full panic-mode as she and Vikki look at the photo attached to the email.

Phyllis joins Jack and Nick at the club as they wrap up a business meeting. She blathers on about breaking up with Billy then goes to order a drink (or coffee?) so they can toast to that. Jack and Nick are left to exchange a ‘what the hell was that’ look.

Seated at ‘John’s’ desk, Dina finally finds the document she’s looking for (a signed contract giving Ashley all rights to any patents belonging to any ideas she conceived at Jabot – excluding all others) Eureka! she yelps. Seated in the reception area, Billy and Ted hear her and wonder what’s going on in the office.

As Billy knocks on the door demanding to be let in, Ted hangs up on security when Kyle comes out to say that he’s just placating Dina (she wants to stay and wait for John) Ted doesn’t have a problem with it. Billy does but concedes defeat and leaves.

Who are you and what have you done with Phyllis? Jack and Nick are surprised when she prattles on about beautiful sunsets etc. and vows not to take her usual path. Instead, she hopes for happiness and enlightenment. All you need to know is that I saw an ugly side of Billy. When Nick leaves, Jack asks Phyllis to stay – he just wants to say that he’s proud of her. You don’t need protecting or rescuing; you’re a bright, powerful woman; I’m glad Summer gets to see how brave her Mother is. Phyllis tears up – stop being so nice to me. I don’t deserve it.

Back in Vikki’s office, Sharon continues to freak out – the blackmailer will expose us if we keep playing games. Every time we get another text or email we’re closer to exposure. Vikki will be careful she doesn’t slip up but doesn’t think paying will make the threat go away – they will always want more. Then what!? Sharon’s exasperated.