Monday, October 22nd

Traci jokes with Kyle about Lola. You’ve got it bad. Convince her to give you another chance – you have the best heart. Sometimes, not always, Kyle says before leaving. That boy’s a liar, he said he wanted to help me make things right with Ashley, Dina appears grumbling that he didn’t help (maybe) I shouldn’t be sharing family matters with a stranger, she stops herself until sat down to explain that John promised to help Ashley – but the plans change and the document’s gone for good. The safe’s in John’s office. Yes, she was there today – to show the boy the document. He and John put it in a thing – now it’s in a million pieces. Yes, they shredded it. Now, Ashley might not get anything, Dina pauses to ask who the beautiful girl in the photo is. No, it’s NOT Ashley! After Dina goes upstairs, a puzzled Traci marches out with purpose.

Traci lets herself into the CEO’s office, turns the lights on, rummages around and then starts to piece together strips of paper from the shredder.

Holding Cane’s hands across the table, Lily’s eyes are closed as she again envisions an evening at the GCAC. She’s at their favourite table, sipping wine as she waits for Cane wearing a new dress (her, not him) As the fantasy scene plays out, Cane tells Lily that he’ll make it a reality. Cane watches Lily as, eyes closed, she envisions the kiss they can only share in their imagination.

Ashley reports making a start with Abby and hopes she can do the same with Jack. He doesn’t need to hear her reasons; he realizes he may have pushed Ashley to this point and wishes they could move on; starting tonight. Ashley doesn’t like being an outsider in her own family. This is worse than finding out Brett Davis was my Father. Jack thinks neither of them working at Jabot will allow them to focus on their relationship. He thinks it worth it. Almost more than anything, Ashley’s choice of words is duly noted by Jack.

Traci’s managed to tape the strips together. What!? She’s horrified. Oh no.

Next: The Abbott’s reminisce….Cane receives shocking news.

My Thoughts: Why would Cane tell Lily that Neil will be by later? Back at the house he was in a hurry to leave in case he missed visiting hours. Then Lily said she couldn’t believe Cane’s visit was almost over. Neil has no right to complain about Cane standing Lily up if he does the same thing … Come on Lily – you know glitter shouldn’t be anywhere near your eye. At least she didn’t take the ill-worded ‘Hang In There’ literally and tie her sheets into a noose…. What will the usually honest and moralistic Traci do with the document she’s just pieced together? Of course, she’d be suspicious of Jack. She knows he’s not above using his Mother’s confused state for monetary gain. He did the same thing with John when he had him redo his will to cut Gloria out (had he not manipulated him, she’d have inherited half of his estate)