Tuesday, October 23rd

At home, Traci flashes back to John gifting Dina with a convertible that excites the three young kids far more than her Mother (who disappoints all by opting out of dinner and a movie because she’s already made plans for the evening) Kyle comes in to bid his Aunt Traci a good morning. Yes, she is feeling a little sick – about a lot of things; mostly the direction this family is headed.

Cane’s again in a dither as he whines to Nate about how hard it is to see Lily in that place. Nate respects Cane for visiting and promises they’ll all be there for each other until Lily’s home where she belongs.

At the club’s bar, Billy (drinking coffee) is in no mood to talk to Ashley, who’s determined to have a conversation.

Seated with Traci, Kyle agrees that they need to provide a peaceful and comforting environment for Dina. She trusts you. You’re so patient with her – she lights up when you walk in the room and bring her joy. That means so much to Traci (who knows he’d rather be with his friends) She then asks what they did yesterday and marvels that Dina can recall some things vividly. Yes, we went to Jabot, he’s vague – there’s not much to say. Traci things there’s a great deal to say.

Now seated at a table, Ashley reports that she’s making amends with Abby and Jack. Billy’s listening. Ashley refused to go along with Kyle’s plan to push Billy to gamble and wishes she’d stayed on top of it. This is a start, no? Uh, no – Billy can see that Ashley’s sorry but he absolutely does NOT accept her apology.

Waiting for Lily in a visiting room, Cane lists all that’s wrong with the prison (from bad food and ‘yelling’ to mold) The more he and Nate wait, the more worried Cane is.

Kyle has an answer for everything but Traci knows he’s holding back on what happened yesterday. You know all you need to, Kyle suddenly needs to get a run in before work. No need to text your Dad to warn him, Traci knows Jack was with Kyle and Dina at Jabot yesterday. Jack hurries in to say he got Traci’s message – what’s up? That’s what she’d like to know.

Ashley may feel bad about what Kyle did to him, but Billy knows he was an obstacle standing in her way (so she sabotaged his efforts as CEO). Ashley feels she’s more qualified but should have treated Billy better. How’s it feel to be a black sheep? Billy wonders. If you weren’t on the outside looking in would you have sought me out for this little heart to heart? Both are then summoned away by a text.

Traci doesn’t like Jack and Kyle ‘stonewalling’ her on what happened yesterday at Jabot but expected it. When Abby and Ashley arrive to wonder what’s going on, Traci invites them all to sit down so ‘we can begin’.

Nate distracts Cane with talk about what the twins are up to; Charlie’s involved in sports and Mattie’s researching how to get her Mom released. I want to see my wife! he abruptly bangs on the door. Have a seat, be calm – Nate will go find out what the hold up is.

This is about all of us, Traci will take the lead on this (since Jack’s efforts at breakfast the other day didn’t go well) The family I love has been ripped apart, she tears up. Let’s put aside our egos and personal agendas and remember what it means to be an Abbott. If we don’t, she worries what will happen to Jabot and every person in this room.

Traci thanks Abby for being the only one eager to hear her out. None of us can understand why Ashley did what she did but we need to look back at what caused this (sibling jealousy)

Flashback to a teenage Jack being jealous when his Dad pays more attention to Ashley. She was the apple of Daddy’s eye, Traci knows he felt second best. Yes, she remembers it was the day everything started falling apart. You and Jack were close but competitive for Daddy’s love. As the 5th wheel, Traci was able to observe. She believes that if Jack and Ashley had let the competition go, none of this would have happened.

Nate rejoins Cane with the warden (who relays an incident; Lily defended a fellow inmate and is now a target)

Cane stresses that Lily’s not a violent person – there must a be a way to get her released. He’s terrified and wants to see his wife. That’s not possible, the warden replies.

The Abbott’s continue their family meeting. Billy whines about being sent to boarding school while Jack and Ashley remember being happy kids for the most part. Traci remembers things differently; Jack was Mom’s favourite and Ashley was Dad’s. Flashback to Dina confiding a secret to a depressed Jack; she has to go away for a while. You’ll take care of everyone while I’m gone. Traci ends the story – Jack stepped up. We depended on you, Ashley sniffles agreement. Daddy asked us to take care of each other, Traci continues – except for Abby, you’ve all tried to grab Dad’s legacy for yourselves. He’d demand we heal this rift. No more conflict or dirty tricks. He’d remind us that Dina came home for forgiveness – she’s slipping away and wants to see her family at peace. We must trust each other and be honest and fair. In that spirit, Traci asks Jack to tell everyone what he learned yesterday.

The warden’s not swayed by Cane’s protest – for her own safety, Lily will remain in isolation until the situation is resolved.

Flashback to Dina coming home to hear that John took the kids to see Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Ashley joins Jack on the staircase to eavesdrop (but is taken back up to bed) Dina pours and drinks as John complains that she barely acknowledged the car he bought her. She complains that he works too much; living like this isn’t good for the kids. We’re not good enough for you, John sadly concludes. Not disagreeing, Dina needs ice.

Jack stuns all by fessing up about the legal document Dina had John sign; giving Ashley ownership of every product she created for Jabot.

Next: Sharon stands her ground with Nick … Abby’s curiosity is piqued …. Billy confides in Vikki.