Monday, October 22nd

Lily’s having a daydream in which she’s all dressed up drinking wine at the club as she waits for Cane (who sends her a text; he’s on his way) Looking into her compact, the fantasy is gone – Lily is in a cell and wearing no makeup.

Cane’s struggling to juggle a call with Mattie and heat a bottle for Sam. He’ll be with Neil and Devon in 5 minutes. Wondering why Cane’s so on edge, Neil explains that someone messed with his wife’s head. That someone is Cane.

Bumping into one another at CL’s, Ashley offers to leave. She’ll go to Jabot for a few minutes – before they kick her out.

You have to trust me, Kyle almost shouts at Dina as they fight over the paper about to go into the shredder. When Jack barges in to ask what’s going on, Kyle claims that Dina’s confused. I’m not out of my mind, Dina insists – you know that ‘John’.

Neil updates Devon that Cane missed a visit with Lily. He won’t admit it’s difficult for him and is stressed out. To prove their point, Cane comes in arguing with Charlie over the phone. Settling the matter, Neil hangs up and sits Cane down. Before we go see Lily, there’s a few things we need to discuss.

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In her cell, Lily uses glitter from a ‘Hang In There’ greeting card to make eyeshadow; which she applies to her eyelids and something in a cup to colour her lips.

Cane assures Neil and Devon that he’s going to suck it up and support/visit Lily – starting now (he jumps up) You’re setting yourself up for more of the same, Neil warns.

When Jack sits Dina down to resolve the problem, she growls about the ‘atrocious boy’ (Kyle) trying to destroy the paperwork that proves she’s a good Mother to Ashley. Playing along as John, Jack needs a reminder of what the contract is – and is puzzled to hear that it protects Ashley from Jack. His frown lines deepen as he reads it.

Neil and Devon encourage Cane to ask for help – it’s a sign of strength, not weakness. Don’t say ‘I got this’. It’s OK if you don’t. Cane knows his problems don’t compare to Lily’s. And when Neil and Devon offer help with the house or kids, Cane genuinely appreciates their concern. He loves Lily too much to mess this up.