Wednesday, October 24th

As the Abbott’s reel in shock, Kyle points out that no one knows how Dina got John to sign a document handing ownership of Ashley’s products to her. Even Ashley’s not buying it – her Mother wouldn’t rescue her as a child and certainly wouldn’t now. Traci has proof (and hands over pieced together agreement) Mother loved you. Flashback to Jack telling Ashley that if she stopped hating their Mother, she might come back. Mother came back to make amends; to look after you. Ashley tears up over the horrible things she said to her Mother – I thought she didn’t love me. I never would have asked for this. It’s a gift from the one person I’d given up on.

At the house, Cane’s on the phone with Mike (do something so I can see my wife) Nate lets Neil in. He’s determined to fix this – today.

At CL’s, Sharon hopes it’s over (since Nikki paid) It will never be over, Vikki disagrees – this is our life; waiting to be exposed.

Prodded by Traci, Kyle tells the story of him and Dina finding the safe – and the documents. Let’s get back to you shredding it, Billy scowls. It wasn’t just him, Jack admits his role.

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Discussing a project over drinks at the GCAC, Nick praises the trustworthy/reliable Arturo and asks him about his brother. Rey means well but ‘extreme’ is an understatement, Arturo supplies.

As Vikki watches from her table, Sharon wonders why Rey doesn’t want to spend time with her. Nick said something? Further annoyed that Rey thought she was asking him out on a date, Sharon marches off to the patio.

Jack took precautionary actions under duress. He did it to protect the family from more upheaval. Abby’s furious. Kyle downplays; shredding the document wasn’t as bad as what Ashley did to his Dad. Stop talking, Billy shuts him down. This is shameful, Traci joins in. Ashley’s devastated – you shredded Daddy’s last promise to me. But I have it now and you better suck it up and accept it, she warns Jack.