Wednesday, October 24th

Cane and Neil head out determined to go see Lily. Keep me posted, Nate will stay behind.

Kyle wants to have a vote on ignoring the agreement, Billy wants to have lawyers review it. Ashley doesn’t think so. When she threatens to go public, Kyle challenges her to do just that (including how she manipulated her Mother to say that Jack wasn’t John’s son) Ashley will go talk to her lawyer about her options. Thanking Traci, she leaves. Jack lashes out at Traci – did you think THIS would fix this family?! After a flashback, Traci fires back at Jack and Kyle – destroying that document was an insult to Dad. It’s been nothing but lies, tricks and schemes. Billy’s not picking sides; his concern is Jabot and it’s employees. Abby won’t stick around to hear how they plan to take even more from her Mother. Without a CEO in place, we’re watching Jabot’s death spiral in real time, Jack’s grim.

Billy’s at Jabot to pack up some important files – to keep them out of your grubby mitts, he snarls at Kyle.

My family’s imploding, Abby confides in Arturo.

Back at the house, Jack ends a call with a lawyer (he’s emailing a PDF of the contract) Traci’s high and mighty lecture continues – she won’t accept that it’s too late for this family. Jack wishes he had half her faith. Why can’t you trust in Dad’s decision and let Ashley have this? Traci cries. Maybe Mother did this to even the playing field or to force you to work together. She then admits how hurtful it was that Dad called Ashley ‘my beauty’. Flashback to Ashley and Jack fighting over the drawing Traci made for their Mother. As a glass shatters, John comes appears to ask ‘who did this’?

On the patio, Vikki chats with Billy as he goes through a box of Jabot’s files. She’s surprised to hear that he had revenge sex (and that he didn’t hit her up) Billy needed it to be meaningless; which it wouldn’t be with Vikki.

In the visiting room, Neil tries to keep Cane calm (Mike’s doing what he can and we can’t make this any harder on Lily) When she’s brought in, Cane runs to hug her.

Vikki’s glad Billy’s combustible relationship with Phyllis is over – you need a stable life. Billy changes the subject to Halloween costumes (his will be better than hers)

Arturo tells Abby that Nick seems pretty curious about Rey. He did arrest him and accuse him of aiding and abetting JT, she points out. Perfect timing, she says when Rey appears. Yes, she does have questions. Is your wife moving to GC too? My marriage isn’t open for discussion, Rey clams up.