Wednesday, October 24th

Sharon marches into Nick’s office to order him to stay out of her life. Rey’s causing problems for us, Nick feels. There IS no ‘us’, Sharon claims. Nick loves Sharon and that won’t change.

I’m fine (physically) Lily assures Cane and Lily – she had to protect Macaila from the other inmates. I’m safe in solitary – the warden’s on it, Lily doesn’t look convinced.

Nick convinces Sharon to come back into his office. He overstepped but is protective of her and the kids. I’m sorry. I’ll do better. Sharon’s mood improves when Nick talks about Christian’s Halloween costume. She’ll go trick or treating with them (but it’s not as a family) Nick’s OK with that.

After cleaning up the glass, John assures the kids that he’s not angry. He has to go out to dinner tonight but how about a big breakfast tomorrow? After John takes Traci to the kitchen, Jack tells Ashley that he’ll take care of her (as their Mom asked)

There are no loopholes – it was filed with the patent office, Jack updates. Billy didn’t find anything relevant in Jabot’s files. Abby’s back to hear that Traci wants a compromise. Jack suggests paying Ashley off – it’s the only way to keep Jabot going. Ashley comes in – wow; wish I could patent the looks on your faces.

The warden wants to move me to a new prison, Lily announces (and thinks it best for her own safety) Cane finally agrees. But where will you be transferred to? Neil doesn’t see too many options. There’s no time to look into anything. The visit’s over and Lily’s being moved tomorrow.

A devastated Joh hands Jack the divorce papers Dina’s sent him.

Ashley assumes her family knows the contract is airtight. Jack wants to make a generous offer. A compromise, Traci steps in to add. Ashley wants respect for her hard work and expertise. She doesn’t want money – she wants to be reinstated as CEO.