Monday, October 29th

Back at CL’s, Mariah’s looking at couple’s costumes. How about peanut butter and jelly (so we get to hug all night)? Sharon texts – she’s covered Tessa’s shift so both she and Mariah can go on the family outing. Tessa then briefly frets about whoever was following Mariah (hoping it’s not related to the people she owes)

At NE, Nikki and Vikki discuss not hearing anything after paying their blackmailer. Nikki’s claiming they’re ‘fine’ when she gets a call indicating they’re not.

Jack greets Lauren, then Phyllis (who he’s happy to see is a redhead again) Kyle can’t make it. And Billy? He arrives to say he wouldn’t miss seeing Phyllis’ new do. All seated, Jack and Traci speak of a united front and transparency. As Billy uses seductive words to tout his Jabotiques, Summer arrives.

After Mariah arrives to photobomb, Nick jumps into the shot to put an arm around Sharon. His smile fades as he’s relegated to the sidelines when Rey appears with Lola. Faith’s happy to meet them both.

Billy and Jack vie for the CEO role. Phyllis suggests a third candidate – me.

Why’s Nikki so alarmed by a broken water pipe? Because it’s right by where JT’s buried at the park. The sculpture has to be removed so the parks department can access the water main. Vikki will just have to make sure JT’s body isn’t discovered.

Summer seated beside her, Phyllis claims that this is business not personal. She explains why it’s time to reinvigorate both employees and customers. Let’s put our issues aside to run this business the right way. Traci ends the meeting by opting to put this decision on the backburner. Being praised by Summer, Phyllis is summoned away for a charity emergency.

Rey goes to buy the pumpkins Faith picks out. While Tessa and Lola discuss Kyle, Nick tries to entice Sharon into some activities until Mariah interrupts. Think about it, Nick says as he too goes to pay for pumpkins. Mariah suspects he’s pressuring Sharon.

Back in the family home dining room, Abby and Traci joke about Team Abbott not lasting very long. Neither are ruling Phyllis out as CEO. Perhaps someone who’s not an Abbott will bring perspective to Jabot.

Back in the office, Summer interrupts Jack and Billy debating her Mom’s bid for CEO. Jack respects Phyllis but this is no time for a newbie to take the helm. He’ll trust whatever the board decides. It’s never wise to underestimate my Mother or me, Summer sneers as she marches off.

Lola came to clear things up with Kyle. Summer’s jealous and you have no boundaries with her. I miss you, Kyle says simply.

At the station, Rey and Sharon talk about how much fun they had at the pumpkin patch. Nikki comes along to hiss at Sharon; we have a charity meeting NOW. Asked to cover for Sharon, Rey’s curious as he watches the ladies scurry out.

Kyle will straighten things out with Summer. Do that, then give me a call (Lola may or may not be available by then)

At Dark Horse, Faith finishes decorating her pumpkin then gets around to wondering what Rey will dress up as for the Cl’s party. Nick thinks he’ll come as himself; whoever that is.

Rey’s again scribbling in his notebook. The four ladies names and ‘charity meeting’ ??

Sharon cant believe this is happening. Phyllis sees one option; dig up Jt’s body before the water workers do.