Tuesday, October 30th

Arturo brings a carved pumpkin to Abby at Dark Horse, knowing she misses her Mom already. She appreciates him looking out for her ~kiss~

Finishing up decorations at CL’s, Tessa kisses Mariah then serves Rey. Noting the trick or treat donation jar on the counter, Rey agrees with Mariah that Sharon’s very charitable. She left work to do some charity work but he has no idea what her ’cause’ is.

Sharon arrives at Vikki’s office to wonder where Phyllis is (since digging JT up was HER idea) This might be their only option, but Nikki worries whether Vikki can really do this.

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Billy darts onto the elevator as Phyllis is about to go up. Neither are happy about it. Both eye the emergency stop button. All then gather at Ted’s desk eager to ‘do this’.

Vikki’s not so much troubled by having to dig up her abuser’s body as she is sad that the man she once loved will never be able to make amends. JT will always be Reed’s Father. A few bad pipes is what will bring us down? she laments.

Lauren joins Phyllis at Top of the Tower to assure that she has her vote as CEO (hoping Phyllis is as committed to Fenmore’s as she claims) Phyllis is and knows she can beat Billy and Jack with hair and charm alone.

In the office, Kyle’s sure Jack will regain his CEO seat. Stay on message. Jack has a secret weapon. No, not Kyle (who he knows wants the job himself) You’re the best person for the job – we need you, Kyle insists. Jack won’t underestimate Billy or Phyllis so must go work his magic.

Abby can’t hang out with Arturo right now – she has a board meeting. She doesn’t want to be Jabot’s CEO – she enjoys working with Nick and Arturo.

Kyle joins Summer at the club to accuse her of trying to tank his relationship with Lola. It’s sad that you’re so pathetic and lonely.

On the patio, Mariah has no idea what charity work Sharon’s involved in. Rey’s encouraged to ask Sharon; she’s an open book. When Tessa comes out to say that Rey asked her the same question, Mariah looks suspicious.

Annoyed that Phyllis is unreachable, Sharon and Vikki are updated that Nikki’s taken over repair planning. Arturo’s to remove the art piece and by the time the water workers make their repairs, they’ll have their part done. Now, what’s the plan tonight? Something we can all live with, Vikki suggests the lake.

I thought we were friends, Summer chases Kyle. I don’t hate you but I don’t like you – leave me and Lola alone. Lola arrives to hear Kyle praising her to Summer (who calls him mean and stomps off) How long have you been standing here? Kyle’s left to ask Lola. Long enough, she replies.