Tuesday, October 30th

Jack thanks Kerry Johnson for meeting him. She’s an accomplished chemist he’d like to hire to replace Ashley. He hands over a contract that impresses. No, he’s not CEO yet. Kerry’s flattered but can’t accept. Jack’s left disappointed.

Phyllis and Billy again butt heads at the elevator. Where he’s going is none of her business.

After Sharon leaves, Nikki tells Vikki that they can do this without her. No, Vikki needs to be there. Arturo calls from the park needing Nikki to come resolve an issue with removing the statue.

On the patio, Billy’s also trying to woo Kerry Johnson. Jabot deserves the best of the best. Again declining, Kerry leaves to pursue other options.

Seated at the bar, Lola believes what she heard Kyle say to Summer was sincere. She gives him a kiss – but will still make Kyle work for it.

Nikki arrives at the park to find that Arturo’s problem is none other than Jill (who has no intention of letting anyone remove her art piece)

Kyle joins the CEO meeting already in progress. Billy’s pitch not impressing Phyllis, Traci lets Jack go next.

Tessa’s gift to Mariah is a tattoo (voucher) I love it, Mariah sends Tessa off with a kiss – then approaches Sharon to discuss their favourite detective.

Arturo watches on as Jill and Nikki face off at the park. Jill insists on having her own crew remove her tribute to Kay.

Jack’s spiel over, Phyllis is up – we’re screwed. Men don’t know what women want. Jabot needs more women. Her answer is Kerry Johnson. She’ll join us if I’m elected CEO.

Lola’s at Rey’s to update that Kyle’s done with his ex. Watch your back, Rey’s not convinced.

Sharon tells a curious Mariah that there’s nothing for Rey to find out about the night JT went missing.

Arturo thinks his guys can move the art piece without damaging it. OK, but Jill’s not going anywhere. This better go off without a hitch. Amen to that, Nikki’s left to mutter.