Wednesday, October 31st

At Jabot, Traci tallies the votes. 3 for Jack, 3 for Billy, 3 for Phyllis (who gets the last vote and the CEO job) Long live the queen, Lauren’s delighted.

Happy that Arturo was able to move the art piece without a scratch, a flirtatious Jill declares him good with his hands. The job was so quick, Arturo now plans to fix the broken water pipe. No, you can’t do that, Nikki objects.

Nick’s ready to leave Dark Horse for trick or treating and the Halloween party. Faith’s not sure it’s a good idea – we’re not really a family anymore. Yes, we are – and yes, Nick plans to win back Sharon tonight.

Once again, Sharon annoys Vikki by barging into her office to discuss matters. She’s not happy to hear that Jill’s in town or looking forward to digging JT up on Halloween night. BUT, she’s almost as ‘terrified’ about spending the evening with Nick and the kids.

Jill wonders if Nikki put some vodka in her cauldron. firing back, Nikki thinks it getting too dark soon. Better to do the job tomorrow. Go enjoy the Halloween party with Abby. After Arturo leaves, Nikki tries to get rid of Jill too. I own this property and will oversee this project. Go visit Billy or Cane. Jill marches off in a huff.

Vikki thinks what Sharon and Nick have is worth fighting for. He loves you. Don’t throw it all away over one stupid mistake. Sharon explains why she can’t forgive Nick. Him turning to Phyllis showed her their relationship means nothing to him. He’s not the boy she fell in love with.

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Back at Dark Horse, Nick makes a promise to Faith; he’s not giving up and will do everything he can to reunite the family.

Arriving at CL’s, Tessa and Mariah pull up their shirts to admire tattoos they just got. Nick brings the kids in to ask where Sharon is. She’ll be here, Nick’s confident; Faith and Mariah, not so much.

Phyllis and Lauren are celebrating at the club when Jack and Billy appear. Jack’s refereeing when Jill comes over to crow about Billy and Phyllis breaking up (there IS a God) Look who flew in on her broom, Phyllis quips. Jill gloats some more when Billy tattles that she slept with Nick. Have fun catching up, Phyllis calls out as Billy whisks Jill off to the bar.

Mariah’s not as enthused with her Sonny Bono costume as Tessa is being Cher. Lola comes in dressed as a warrior to update that Kyle brought Summer to tears by telling her that he’s done and wants her (Lola) Kyle’s in no mood for dress up after Phyllis was named CEO. Lola’s optimistic – you’ll be sitting in that seat one day. Sending Kyle off with the girls to get dressed up, Lola’s impressed that Abby(Sandy) convinced Arturo to come as Danny.

On the patio, Nick’s assuring Faith that her Mom’s coming when Sharon arrives with apologies. She had to stop for gifts for the kids. Nick hands over a costume that matches the rest of the family (Peter Pan)