Wednesday, October 31st

Joining Abby and Arturo as they share a caramel apple kiss, Faith announces that her Dad’s trying to win back Sharon (who’s upstairs putting on her Wendy costume) Tessa and Mariah pop up to show off the costume they threw together for Kyle. Sharon comes down to say that her costume doesn’t fit (then takes Nick onto the patio to say she won’t be manipulated into being a family)

Now dark, Nikki calls Vikki from the park. Dreading the gruesome task ahead of them, Vikki will be there as soon as Billy comes to get the kids.

At the bar, Jill hopes Billy learned his lesson (to listen to his Mother) She’s happy he and Phyllis broke up – but not happy because he’s not. Getting a text from Vikki, Billy leaves to fetch the kids from NE.

Seated with the ladies, Jack has no hard feelings towards Lauren (and respects her voting for Phyllis) After Lauren leaves, Phyllis learns that Jack also tried to hire Kerry – and wonders if he’s as cool about her being CEO as he seems to be.

Jack won’t lie – he thinks he’s the best person to run Jabot. Perhaps it’s karma that the person he basically created the blood-Abbott clause against is now CEO. Phyllis gets a text from Nikki – it’s time. He then goes to get an earful from Jill about Phyllis. After she leaves to visit Cane, Jack’s left to order a double Scotch.

When Billy shows up to get the kids, Vikki blasts him for being late – then is stunned to hear that Phyllis was just voted in as CEO. Now cancel your meeting to come trick or treating. Can’t, Vikki bolts.

Still on the patio, Sharon makes it clear that there’s no future for her and Nick (going back to him posing as JT) This has nothing to do with Rey. Accept that it’s over and move on.

Kyle tells Lola a story of him getting arrested in NY one Halloween. Tessa and Mariah watch with envy (must be nice to be able to express their feelings) Mariah pulls out a pumpkin she carved ‘I LOVE YOU’. They too then share a kiss.

We’re done, Sharon reiterates. She’ll still have an ‘amazing life’, it just won’t be with Nick.

Wearing masks over their eyes, Nikki, Phyllis and Vikki can’t wait any longer for Sharon – so start digging.