Thursday, November 1st

Nikki, Phyllis and Vikki are exhausted by digging; a much harder job split in three thanks to Sharon being a no-show. Sharon then scares them by popping up in a mask. Calling Phyllis a slut, Sharon’s she’s ‘sorry’ implies she’s not sorry at all. Just dig, she’s ordered.

Nick walks around the darkened offices of Dark Horse – all alone and lonely; Sharon’s voice in his head – its over.

Summer tells Kyle that the party she just came from was way more fun than this lame gathering at CL’s. Now panning each other’s costumes, Summer brags – My Mom’s your new boss. Start sucking up or you’ll be working in Lola’s food truck. Kyle walks out.

Still digging, Phyllis and Sharon argue over her cheating with Nick. Just dig, Nikki huffs n puffs. Sharon wants Phyllis to leave town with JT’s body. No one likes you. why are you still in GC? I was just elected Jabot’s new CEO, Phyllis boasts. Nikki laughs. God help Jabot. Vikki gets a call from Billy – I’ll get the kids in the morning, she says awkwardly then assures her Mom that taking the call was the right thing to do. It establishes her alibi. Until they triangulate that call and prove you weren’t at NE. Brace yourselves, Nikki shines a light into the hole. Where’s JT!?

The gravediggers are understandably alarmed but slightly relieved. No, the broken water main didn’t wash JT’s body away. He’s alive and blackmailing us. OR, it’s whoever has his corpse and knows exactly what they did.

The next day, Kyle interrupts Billy’s breakfast at home to say that he’s angling for the COO position. Don’t underestimate Phyllis, Billy warns – her only weakness is her hatred for me.

I hope that feels as good as it looks, Lauren joins Phyllis as she takes her spot behind the CEO desk. Declaring it a challenging time at Jabot, Phyllis needs to silence negative voices. Lauren looks forward to watching that happen. Phyllis needs Lauren to do more than sit and watch it play out.