Friday, November 2nd

Nice of you to join us, Kyle quips as Phyllis strides into her office. We meet at MY convenience, she is the CEO after all. Neither Kyle nor Billy are pleased to hear that it’ll be a long night.

At the club, Nikki wanted to check in on Nick after seeing how upset Sharon was by calling things off for good. You saw her on Halloween? What were you two doing? Nick’s casual questions catch Nikki off-guard.

Lola loves Tessa and Mariah’s music-themed tattoos. You can add a note for every occasion. Her plans this evening? Testing some new recipes on Kyle (They’ll have Rey’s nice, big kitchen all to themselves)

At the station, Sharon complains about the junk in the vending machines and suggests Lola bring her truck by a couple of times a week. She’s trying out some new recipes up at my place tonight. Join us? Sure, Sharon agrees.

Assuring Nick that she and Sharon didn’t argue, Nikki gets a call from Arturo. Hearing that the repairs will be done by tomorrow, she’ll pop by with the check right now. In the park, the lights on a discarded Halloween accessory blink away.

Rey surprises Lola with the news that he and Sharon will be testing her new recipes tonight (so go get that oven turned on) As she excuses herself to frantically text, Kyle, Rey tells Sharon that Lolas nervous and wants to make a good impression. Mariah worries – what kind of message do you think you’re sending this guy?

Knowing that Nick’s disappointed about Sharon, Nikki thinks it best he move on. A frustrated Nick doesn’t get what’s different this time (he and Sharon have overcome stuff like this before) You’ll get through this, Nikki doles out a parting hug.