Monday, November 5th

At CL’s, Arturo tells Abby that he plans to take the watch he found to the police station. Someone will be grateful it was found.

Shouldn’t you be working on the Hellstrom case? Chris appears at Rey’s desk to remind that the clock’s ticking on this investigation. Rey wants to pick her brain – maybe we can help each other.

Let’s go or we’ll be late, Abby leads Arturo out. He decides to take the watch in later. It’s not like someone’s sitting around waiting for it.

A loud janitor in the hallway awakens Nick and Phyllis from a post-romp nap in his office.

Abby and Arturo are chatting on the elevator with Jack while Nick scrambles into his clothes and thinks Phyllis better do the same. Instead, she lures him into a kiss. In the hallway, Abby asks Arturo where he found the nice watch.

Now dressed, Phyllis doesn’t care if anyone knows that she slept with Nick. He does however.

Abby suggests that Arturo might get to keep the watch if no one claims it. Too rich for my blood, Arturo then drops it when Phyllis bumps into him. He’s left puzzled and speechless when it becomes apparent that she hooked up with Nick.

At home, Charlie tells Cane that he missed a call from Farrah DeBoise. Are we moving? Mattie appears to ask. Cane’s looking for rentals closer to Lily.

Arturo asks Jack about Nick’s first appointment of the day but doesn’t want to judge. In the empty office, Jack finds Phyllis’ swipe card under a blanket on the couch.