Tuesday, November 6th

Summer wants to talk to Kyle about the Synergy project. He doesn’t so brushes past her to take the elevator down. Summer peeks through the window as Phyllis and Jack argue. Her personal life aside, Jack worries about the thousands of Jabot employees who depend on this company. They’re depending on ME, Phyllis corrects. When Billy arrives, she announces that she slept with Nick last night.

At the club, Vikki and Sharon pick at their food as they discuss JT’s body vanishing. Look through Rey’s files, Vikki can’t live like this anymore; the paranoia is consuming her life.

Abby and Arturo are at CL’s, kissing and discussing the watch. Arturo hopes they find out who lost it.

With latex gloves on, Rey pokes around an area of the park that’s been cordoned off for construction.

After Jack’s dismissed, Billy assumes that Phyllis had sex with Nick to pay him back for Summer. My world doesn’t revolve around you, Phyllis couldn’t care less what Billy thinks and dismisses him too.

Lunch over, Vikki reminds Sharon that she took the job to monitor Rey. We need to know if JT’s alive so we can protect ourselves and our families.

Rey thanks Mac for coming to the station. He needs her to confirm a lead on JT. Wanting answers for her kids, Mac will do whatever she can to help.

Phyllis has brought Summer into her office to assign her to work on the virtual dressing room project for Fenmore’s. Summer makes a case for bringing Kyle onboard. You don’t want to give him too much time on his hands. He’s intelligent and bitter.

At the club, Kyle accepts Kerry’s invitation to join her. When he offers to help make her job easier, she asks where he got his chemistry degree.