Wednesday, November 7th

Mariah’s reporting live from the park (but has no details to pass on except that a forensics team is on site)

Vikki joins her Mom at the park. Stay cool – there’s police everywhere. She relays what Sharon and Phyllis already know. A repair crew dug up JT’s watch and who knows what else.

Lola’s brought lunch samples and menus to Jabot. Kyle’s sure lunch delivery will be a big hit.
Vikki sends Phyllis a text – no news is good news. We may as well get to work. Already at her desk, Phyllis looks frazzled.

At the station, Sharon nearly has a breakdown when she sees a woman who looks like Nikki from behind.

Still the park, Vikki brings her Mom up to speed on the watch and now they all have to go about their day as usual. Accosted by Mariah, Nikki has nothing to say. She scurries off – but pauses to listen when Mariah shoves the mic in Rey’s face. With a terse ‘no comment’, Rey follows Nikki to her car. I need a word.

Phyllis is alarmed to find Kyle sitting at Ted’s desk instead of working on his project. He’s saved when Lola appears to give the new CEO a sandwich. When all disperse, Kyle gets another earful from Phyllis (who again marches out of her office to find him on his phone)

Nikki’s let Rey sit in her car but doesn’t know the answers to his questions. Rey wants the names of companies dealing with the park’s landscaping, the sculpture etc.

Still in her cark, Nikki’s screeching into the phone at Sharon – Rey wants to know everything about the park. Sharon needs to find out everything he knows.

After a tense exchange with Tessa, Phyllis snarks to Nick that little miss millennium is getting too big for her britches. Nick’s more interested about what’s going on at the park – so they settle in discussing their fling and who knows about it. Perhaps they should go out on a date.

on the patio, Tessa going to fetch drinks, Kyle again thanks Lola for saving him. He’s sure he’ll be a candidate for CEO one day. Lola makes it clear that she likes Kyle for who he is. Be real, now how was the rest of your day? Kyle’s working on a big project (thanks to Summer) Lola’s not one bit insecure.

Nick’s not suggesting a date – but we could go out for dinner. Sharon’s made it clear that we’re done. So, I’m your rebound girl, Phyllis quips.