Thursday, November 8th

Nikki drops by Sharon’s to ask what Rey found at the park. Mariah comes down to assume that’s something important – he seems ready to make an arrest.

In her office, Phyllis is distracted with the news when Kerry drops by. Having also read the news, she can see why Phyllis is troubled; Hellstrom was no prince.

At the club, Nate’s sorry (it now seems official that JT was murdered) Vikki appreciates his offers of distraction but just needs to be alone now.

Packing up for work, Mariah can’t eat – don’t ask, just wish me luck today. No, it has nothing to do with the case. Now alone, Nikki and Sharon argue and brainstorm – do the police have a body?? That’s why you need to get to the station and find out! Niiki barks. Sharon can’t do that.

At CL’s, Mariah gets the answer she’s eagerly waiting for. Of course, Tessa will move in with the woman she loves ~hug~

Nate and Jack chat at the club. Jack sends his best regards to Olivia (still with DWB) It’s a shame Ashley left town (and Neil) Once she hears that Phyllis is CEO, she’ll come gunning for us.

Phyllis once considered JT a friend but had no idea what he was capable of. Now on to business, Kerry’s enthusiasm is appreciated. With 30 stores launching next week, Phyllis has everything riding on this. Kerry has it under control. She doesn’t play unless she can win.

Fearing Rey can read her, Sharon thinks the best thing she can do is quit her job. Nikki strongly objects. Get back to the station and do what needs to be done – unless you want to be locked up for 20 years!

On the patio, Mariah can’t believe this perfect life is hers. So, we’re doing this. WOW. Tessa insists the rent be split 50/50. Maybe we can move into my studio apartment. Deal. When??

Jack confides his Mother’s illness in Nate. Nate thinks it nice that Jack’s helping her through the hard part. That’s what family’s about.

Nikki eavesdrops on Vikki’s phone call with Reed. No, it didn’t go well but how much worse will it go if Reed ever finds out that his Mother and Grandmother were responsible for his Dad’s death.

Sharon eavesdrops as Rey’s on the phone – thankful that the commission has given him a reprieve. After another call from the press, Sharon announces that she’s there to resign.

What’s going to happen to my kids, Sharon’s kids when the truth comes out. Nikki points out that the police haven’t made any arrests. Yes, we could come out of this unscathed.